The Blue Prints of 2face Idibia; the Living Music Legend.

Music is organized noise making like some people would say, everywhere in the world music is played, loved and enjoyed by all humans of different race and tribe. The Nigerian society is not exclusive to the influence of music, and when we talk of musicians who have helped reshape our music, I believe 2face Idibia (2baba) should be on the first list of musicians who have done wonders in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Innocent Idibia didn't start music with a silver spoon, his little beginnings in the music world were full of challenges and difficulties. Yet, despite all those challenges, he rose from ‘zero to hero’ and at the same time laid the pace/foundation for other upcoming musicians to follow. If you have been conversant with what happens in the Nigerian Music Industry especially 15years behind now, you would agree that 2baba is a natural talent in the world of music.

2baba is not a type of musician that runs into the studio with only a beat in his head, he has the storyline of the music, coupled with its life lessons, and also most of his songs are always relevant and meaningful because they connect with the happenings in the contemporary society.

Not too long ago, 2baba celebrated his 20-years A king, depicting 20-solid-years of success, impact and ever green relevance in the music world. No doubt, we have a Living Music Legend in the person of 2baba and his legacy of good and entertaining music will continue to live on. Below are some of his popular songs over the last 10-20years.

1. African Queen.
2. Rain Drops
3. One Love

You can Google the ‘MP3 download’ of any of his songs and enjoy them.

Mention your best song from 2baba...... Me: African Queen and you?
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