How to make 30,000 naira from microfinance bank

Microfinance bank to pay N25,000 naira plus to Nigerians who download VFD APP and use their referral codes to convince others to join their platform.

Hello! Good morning friends and friends of AdaptsNews, this information is to help you earn little money while obeying the stay-at-home order. Please, this stuff is 101% legit so don't panic or shy away from this opportunity. Just like you know, we don't share false or invalid information on AdaptsNews, that's how legit and trustworthy we have decided to be and will continue being.

Back to business, you can make 30,000 naira by simply downloading VFD Microfinance Bank app and referring 25 persons to download and register on the app for online banking.

Microfinance Bank is doing this promotion, so make use of it.

Now let me take you through the various stages of registration and validation of the app.

First of all Click here––Use this like to download the app

Your referral code is O27WB Don't forget to use it.

1. Once you've downloaded the app, the first page of the app shows a section where you can input your phone line, referral code which is O27WB and your date of birth.

2. The next thing is to input you Bank Verification Number (BVN) and your account number and then verify your BVN through a One Time Password (OTP) that would be sent to you.

3. You take a photo of your face for easy verification and identification, and then you are done with your registration. Don't forget to use this referral code O27WB in registering.

How to make your thirty thousand naira VFD APP

On the menu of the VFD Microfinance Bank app click more and then scroll down to referrals. Get your referral code and tell your friends to register with the code.

Note: You need only 25 referrals to make thirty thousand naira. Hope that was easy and helpful? You can use the comment section to ask questions if you have any.

Apart from VFD Microfinance refer and earn program on their mobile app, one can use the app to perform online transactions which includes; transferring of money from one bank to the other and this is done by simply connecting your ATM card to their system.

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