5 Steps With which You Can Get back Your Money from a Nigerian Scammer

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How to report a scammer's account to CBN

From recent analysis, there is an increasing number of fraudstars and scammers on every corner and joint of the internet. Ranging from social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, and to online business platforms and their likes. Not to forget the recent trend on Ethereum Million Money scam plus other laughable Punzi Schemes littered everywhere as snares and traps for gullible people.

With the recent Yahoo Yahoo menace in Nigeria, I would say the situation in Nigeria is even worst. Just few weeks ago, a woman was scammed off her eighty-five thousand naira by an unknown individual who tricked her into releasing her ATM details by pretending to be a bank staff offering to solve her online transaction difficulties. In the end, she was scammed.

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Some people praise and worship scammers because they consider them smart. This is absolutely nonsensical and barbaric, internet fraud should never be promoted or seen as a good or welcome development. It is evil, don't wait until you are scammed before you agree. Below are the five steps you can take to recover your money from a fraudster in Nigeria.

How to Easily Get Back Your Money from a Nigerian Internet Fraudster

Before I proceed, do remember to save this post for future references.

1. Take the screenshots of all the conversations or interactions you previously had with the supposed fraudster or criminal on any of the social media platforms involved ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.... etc)

2. Write down the ‘Transaction Identify Number’ sent to you by you bank on the day you paid the supposed scammer. You can get this ‘Transaction ID Number’ through your bank mobile app or via the debit bank sms sent to you the day you credited the heartless fraudster.

3. Copy out the name of the individual who Scammed you, including the account number. Where there is no valid social media name, the name on the account number he ( fraudster) gave to you can serve.

4. Go to any branch of the scammer's bank with the screenshots of your interactions with him, the ‘Transaction Identity Number’, including the name and bank account number of the scammer. Make enquires to see the customer service in charge of Fraud. Then and there, report the fraudster by giving them a copy of the details you have.

After making your report, send an email to the scammers bank using the bank's official customer care email. The email you intend to send to them should also contain your conversation screenshots, Transaction ID, plus name and account number of the scammer as well. If you don't know the bank's email, ask the staff attending to you for it.

Lastly, send a copy of the email to Central Bank of Nigeria Fraud Desk ( using; [email protected]). This is to facilitate the money recovery process. You can equally print out the conversations you had with the scammer and summit it to the customer care unit handling fraud cases in the bank. That is all you need to do.

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Subsequently, the bank account of the suspected fraudster will be blocked or disconnected from both online and offline transactions until he shows up in the bank, and of course he would be arrested the day he shows his face in the bank. When your claims are proven beyond reasonable doubts, the scammer signs a waiver which would allow your money to be refunded with immediate effect.

Informing right?

You can also share other ways you know with which scammed persons can use to recover their money using the comment section.

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