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‘Oh Son! My world and life is you’ – Regina Daniels Publicly expresses her love for her Baby boy

Regina Daniels baby picture

A beautiful picture of Regina Daniels baby was recently shared on Instagram by the mother (Regina Daniels) and she publicly expressed how much she loves her son

Ever since the young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, gave birth to her first son, Munir Ned Nwoko, the little baby has been the center of her happiness. So, every now and then, she celebrates the baby boy, posting beautiful pictures of her carrying him in her arms

Obviously, every happily married and proud mother would do same for her son. Regina caption on her new picture with her son reads; ‘Oh my son! My world and life is YOU.

Below is a recent picture of the actress and her child

Other adorable pictures of Regina Daniels baby

Image of Regina Denials
and her husband carrying
their baby
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Pregnant Regina Daniels wearing a beautiful gown

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