How to Covert Gift Cards and Bitcoins to Naira


Today on AdaptsNews, we want to show you how to convert Gift Cards and Bitcoins to Nigerian naira on afrbtc website, and secondly how to deposit the money directly into your Nigerian bank accounts after every successful conversion. This is to help you avoid getting scammed on the internet while trying to sell either of the two commodities.

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Every online trader and tech enthusiast is generally believed to know what both Bitcoins and Gift Cards are used for, and how Gift Cards in particular can be used for payment purposes before talking exchange for naira or any other currency on sites like afrbtc. But for the sake of clarification, here are explanations from Wikipedia on both items.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electionic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. - Wikipedia.

What is Gift Card?

From the information we gathered from the International World Base Encyclopedia, Wikipedia; A gift card (also known as gift certificate in North America, or gift voucher or gift token in the UK) is a prepaid stored-value money card usually issued by a retailer or bank to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related business.

What is Afrbtc? is an online platform that allows you to change your Bitcoins and gift card to naira. They buy from you and send cash to any bank account you provide at the selling point. No physical business point is needed as their platform is completely digital.

Both Bitcoins and Gift Cards have been in use for years now and they are gradually becoming globally accepted, even though here in Nigeria and most parts of Africa, we are yet to fully start making of them in our banks and business places as reliable means of purchase and business transactions.

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Nigerians love technology alot and a good number of us are into online businesses, we do get paid online through Gift Cards and Bitcoins. So, sometimes we may want to covert our Gifts Cards or Bitcoins to Nigeria naira, and most times to find a legit platform where we can do this conversion becomes a problem.

Some individuals have over the years be helpful and friendly by buying and receiving either the Bitcoins or Gift Cards on trust, then send cash to the sender or owner of the items. Unfortunately, as time went on, people became greedy, and started steeling in disguise. They started doping and scamming people, by collecting and receiving Gift Cards and Bitcoins from people without sending them any money.

As a result we (AdaptsTech) are on Rescue Mission, we are here to show a 101% legit platform where you can sell your Gift Cards and Bitcoins with ease, get your money directly into your bank and smile to the bank.

How to Convert your Gift Cards and Bitcoins on

There are possibly many legit conversion websites out there. But we have one tested and trusted platform, which is

This platform ( is 101% reliable and trustworthy. It is an easy to use platform where you can trade Amazon/iTunes Gift cards and Bitcoin. Functions and the menu on the website are easy to understand and use. The good thing is that you can trade from anywhere and at anytime you want.

How do I open Afrbtc account?


• Go to

• Singnup immediately, and Input M300146 as your invitation code.

• After signing in, click on your Gift Card.

• Check well and read the stipulated requirements placed on the Gift Card you want to sell on the website and check if you are okay with the conversion rate.

• Then upload your Card to the space provided.

• Next step, select the actual amount you want to sell in the box.

• Select the kind of card you want to sell. For instance, iTunes Card or Amazon Card.

• Select you denomination type.

• Finally, push the submit button.

• In oder to get your money directly into your bank account, you will have to wait for verification which will definitely take few hours, then you will manually submit your bank account.

• The same process above is 100% applicable to Bitcoin.

How do I withdraw from Afrbtc?

• Go to the menu, then click on wallet

• Next, you click on the “Bank Account” below cash withdrawal tab and carefully fill in your bank account number in the given spaces.

• To ask for withdrawal, simply click on “Cash Withdrawal” and select your bank( the one you added while filling in you Bank Details).

• Lastly, input your password to validate the transaction.

• You will receive credit alert from your bank in less than 24hours.

NB: the minimum withdrawal amount on is just N2,000 naira

CAUTION: is a clone website of Please and please do not sign up with to avoid losing your Bitcoins and Gift Cards.

Sign Up with


You can decide to use Cardtonic App to sell your Gift Cards.

Is Afrbtc come scam?

As at the time we wrote this article last year, Afrbtc was still paying their clients and was considered one of the most credible sources of exchanging gift card and Bitcoins. But, from recent reviews, alot of persons are complaining bitterly that they have been scammed several times by Afrbtc on their website and WhatsApp handle. So, please consider selling your Bitcoins and gift cards at other credible sources and centers for now until we make enquiries and confirmation from trustpilot, or you can check out cardtonic App. Trade carefully and watch out for red flags.

Read Afrbtc review here on trustpilot – Afrbtc reviews

Cardtonic App is simply another platform where you can sell your Gift Cards.

Since Nigeria has had the arrival of digital money and gift cards, selling and redeeming of donation cards have become increasingly difficult, as it is scary to put one's faith on online platforms filled with strangers. As fearful as it might seem, public concerns can easily be understood because many Nigerians are still fraudsters on the Internet.

In this regard it was always the question in everybody's lips, "Who will stand out to be better and free from frauds" before selling their gift cards. Although a few people took on the challenge, most of them did so in a small way.

If you don't seem to like the Afrbtc websites or their exchange rates regarding selling Gift Cards, you can use the Cardtonic App which is both available on playstore and Applestore. To download Cardtonic App, Click Here.

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