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Codes for Subscription to Social Media Bundles On All Networks

Subscription codes for Social Media Bundles On Glo, MTN, 9MOBILE, and AIRTEL - Enjoy social media bundles on all networks without stress by using the subscription codes below to subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, Opera News, YouTube, Instagram and TiktTok.

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The love some people have for Social Media Networks these days is insane and mind disturbing, but yet, we cannot dismiss the fact that major Social Media Networks like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c have been of good help to everyone of us. Apart from communicating with our family and friends, we can meet business associates, influencial personalities and people who can be of great help to us in one way or the other. 

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So logging into social media at least once or twice every week, saying our minds through our timelines, and flipping through the contents on our various News Feeds is always fun, and we need data to make all of the above happen. Now, we want to show you how to subscribe for Social Media Bundles on MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL. Bookmark this page so you can always come back to check the the codes if you forget them.


• How to Subscribe For Social Media Bundles on Glo, MTN, 9MOBILE, and AIRTEL.

     • Subscription codes for Glo Bundles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Opera mini.

• How to Subscribe For MTN Social Media Bundles.

     • Codes for Subscription to MTN WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

• How to Subscribe For 9MOBILE Social Media Bundles. 

     • Subscription codes for 9MOBILE Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

• How to Subscribe For AIRTEL Social Media Bundles.

    • Subscription codes for AIRTEL Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Codes For Glo Social Media Bundles

Glo recently introduced Social Media Bundles to their subscription package. Unlike other Network Providers in Nigeria, Glo customers are allowed to subscribe for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter together in a single subscription, while Instagram, TikTok, Opera Mini browser/news e.t.c are subscribed separately, and not together.

Take the Steps Below to Subscribe for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp e.t.c on Glo

1• Dial *777# via your Glo Sim Card

2• Select one(1) out of the list of options presented.

3• Select ‘buy data plans’ by chosing one again.

4• Choose one(1) for ‘auto renewal’ or two(2) for a ‘one time purchase’.

5• Now, select number 6 for Social Media Bundles.

6• Finally, select one and subscribe according to how much you have on your account balance.

Hint: For Glo TikTok, Telegram, Opera Mini and Instagram subscription packages, select ‘Single Bundles’ by choosing four(4) after step five(5) above.

Note: For Glo whatsApp, Facebook and Twitter single subscription, you will see something like this;

1. N25 = 100MB 1day

2. N50 = 200MB 7days

3. N100 = 500MB 30days

How to Subscribe For MTN Social Media Bundles

MTN Social Media Bundles are accessible to all MTN subscribers. There are two methods with which you can subscribe to any of the Media Platforms you prefer on MTN. But unlike GLO, you can only subscribe separately for each of the platforms.

First Method for Subscription to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

MTN Facebook Subscription

• For MTN Facebook daily plan, text FBD 131.

• This subscription cost N25

• For MTN Facebook weekly plan, text FBW to 131.

• This subscription cost N50.

• For MTN Facebook monthly plan, text FBM to 131.

• This subscription cost N150 and is valid for 30days.

MTN WhatsApp Subscription

• For WhatsApp daily plan, text WAD to 131.

• You will be charged N25 naira for this plan.

• For WhatsApp weekly plan, text WAW to 131

• A service fee of N50 naira will be deducted from your account.

• To subscribe for WhatsApp monthly plan, text WAW to 131.

• The service fee for whatsApp monthly is N150 naira.

MTN Twitter Subscription

• For Twitter daily plan, just text TWTD to 131.

• N25 naira will be deducted from your balance.

• For Twitter weekly plan, text TWTW to 131

• The subscription fee is N50 naira.

• For MTN Twitter monthly, send TWTM to 131.

• The cost is N150 per month.

Note: You can check your MTN Twitter and WhatsApp Bundle balance by dialing *559*25# on your MTN SIM.

Alternative Subscription codes for MTN WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Bundle.

Instead of bothering to remember all the above Social Media subscription codes written for MTN, you can alternatively use this below method, or follow the steps below anytime you wish to subscribe for either WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram MTN Bundle. 

It is important to note that you can also subscribe for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ayobe, 2G0, wechat, Eskimi together in one subscription. Just follow the below steps;

• Dial *123# on your MTN SIM.

• Select ‘Data services’ by choosing three(3).

• Choose ‘Social Bundles’ by selecting three(3) again.

• You will see a list of Social Media Networks like this;

1. WhatsApp

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Ayobe

5. All social Bundles

6. YouTube and Instagram.

7. Opera Mini and News

8. 2GO

9. WeChat

10. Eskimi

Then choose any of the numbers from 1-10 to subscribe for any Platform of your choice on MTN. Number five(5) gives you access to access to five Social Media Networks including; WeChat and Eskimi.

Tech Trick Hint: In order to by pass all of the above stress, you can easily dial *131*3# and select any Social Media Network of your choice. Oh yes! We make thing easy on AdaptsTech.

Subscription Codes For 9MOBILE Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

9mobile is pretty easy and straight forward to subscribe to because with one activation code, you can access WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and BBM. There are actually two (2) subscription packages in 9mobil, and they are;

1. Smart Pak, and

2. Social Me Pak

Note: Smart Pak is meant for only WhatsApp and WeChat.

1. How to Subscribe for 9mobile Smart Pak

• Daily 9mobile Smart Pak cost N50 naira.

• Dial *343*5*5# on you 9mobile Sim.

• Weekly 9mobile Smart Pak subscription cost N150 naira.

• Dial *343*5*6# to subscribe.

• Monthly 9mobile Smart PaK subscription cost N400 naira.

• To activate dial *343*5*7#

2. Social me Pak works for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp and WeChat.

Codes to Activate Social Me Pak on 9Mobile

• For daily 9mobile Social Me I Pak subscription, Dial *343*6*7# (subscription fee is N100)

• For Weekly 9mobile Social me Pak subscription, dial *343*6*8# (subscription fee is N400)

• For monthly Social Me Pak subscription, dial *343*6*9# (subscription fee is N700 naira and it's valid for 30-days)

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How to Subscribe For AIRTEL Social Media Bundles.

Oh yes! The smart phone network (Airtel) equally allows you to subscribe to any Social Media Network of your choice with ease. Just follow the simple steps below carefully;

• Dial *121# on your Airtel Sim.

• Select ‘Buy Bundles and services’ which is number 2.

• Choose number (1) for data only services.

• Select two(2) for data bundles.

• Dial seven(7) for ‘Social Media Bundles’ and you will be shown a list similar to the one below;

1. All social Bundles.

2. WhatsApp daily bundles.

3. WhatsApp plus bundles.

4. Opera bundles

5. Instagram bundles.

Then select one(1) to subscribe for all Social Media Bundles on Airtel. You can also subscribe for whatsApp by chosing either number 2 or 3, Opera Bundles are also available, and accessible via 4 and 5.

Note: To subscribe for all Social Media Bundles on Airtel for a week, dial *948#.

Source: AdaptsNews

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