New Unlimited Browsing Cheat For Glo Users 2022

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Good morning world, I trust you guys are doing great  as well planing on how to enjoy the forth coming festive period? It may have been a very tough year for the poor Including the rich, but at least, we have life and we are kicking. So, I have come to spice up your day by breaking down the process with which you can use to activate the viral Glo Cheat which is already a confusion for most people.

Yes, this Glo Cheat is already viral, but people are finding it difficult to activate it. I believe this is primarily because the cheat is actually has to go through an extension of Glo Night Plan subscription. This confusion boils down to a few does' and don't tied to the precaution required for the use of this Glo Cheat. Now, follow the processes below to activate this cheat with ease.

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Essential Needs For Activating This Cheat

1. Good battery.

2 Strong Internet connection.

3. At least N100 naira airtime.

4. Two already registered/valid Glo Sim Cards. (Sim A and B)

Steps To Activate Glo Free Browsing Cheat

1. Amongst the two Glo Sims, choose anyone of your choice (Sim A), and load a Glo card of N100 naira.

2. If you have enough airtime on your Sim (Sim A), skip step one(1) and subscribe to Glo night plan by dialling *777#. Preferably subscribe N50 naira for 500MB or N100 naira for 1,000MB

•  If you don't know how to subscribe to Glo night plan, read this.

3. Now, share data to your second Glo Sim Card (Sim B). Share the data by dialling *127*01*second phone line (Sim B)#

Example: *127*01*07031132537#

Make sure there is no data on your second phone number (the Sim you are sharing data to which is SIM B)

4. Step four; you can now turn on internet connection on your second GLO Sim Card (Sim B); the Sim your transfered data to and start enjoying the internet. Use the data judiciously to ensure that you don't exhaust it before 5am in the morning.

4i. You can turn off your internet connection before 4:40am, but once it's 4:45am, don't turn off your data connection again.

5. When it clocks 5am in the morning, you will continue to browse freely from your night plan as long as you don't turn off your internet connection.

Note 1: Once you turn your internet connection off, it will cease. So please, do not turn off internet connection on your second Sim (Sim B) once it's 4:45am. You will continue to enjoy free internet up until 11am in the morning and beyond as long as you do not turn off your data connection.

Note 2: Ensure that data is not exhausted on or before 5am in the morning.

That's all. Share with your friends.

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