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How To Access Free Browsing On MTN With Samsung Max VPN


Samsung Max VPN

Those who are very conversant with Opera-Mini will remember that they lauched cheap data bundles to drastically reduce data consumption and lessen the cost of data for their users some months ago. Now, we have discovered a means through which one can browse for free, accessing other Apps and internet platforms using the same cheap data bought specifically for Opera-Mini.

The idea is simple. Every internet surfer can afford to buy;

300MB for N100 naira

100MB for N25 naira


25MB for N20, which are the cheap data rates lunched by Opera. And then use the same data bought for only Opera-Mini to browse on Facebook, Instagram, Chrome and a whole lot of Apps and browsers. Isn't it amazing?

NB: This free browsing tip using Samsung Max VPN is only for MTN users.

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Reqquirements Needed To Use Samsung Max VPN Free Browsing on MTN

1. Samsung Max VPN – Download Here

2. Functional MTN Sim

3. Opera mini/News subscription bundle. Subscribe Here.

Samsung Max VPN


1. After a successful subscription to MTN Opera Mini bundle which is sold at N100 for 300MB (Valid for a period of 30-days).

2. You install and launch Samsung Max VPN App.

3. On the App, upgrade to premium plan and press the connect button.

4. Select the “Mobile Data Saving Mode” and “Privacy Protection Options”.

5. Give your Samsung Max VPN App few seconds (at least 6-10 secs) to connect.

And you are go to go.

Samsung Max VPN

This free browsing tip can be used on laptops as well. Also note that this browsing cheat doesn't give you access to unlimited browsing. Instead, your data is limited to how much Opera Mini Data Bundle you purchase and at the same time the VPN gives you access to banned websites and online applications like Twitter.

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This is all you need to know about accessing MTN free browsing using Samsung max VPN. The processes and steps are easy to use follow and you can enjoy free internet using the application.

If you have got any questions about all the steps listed above, we would be ready provide solutions to your questions in the comment box.

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