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Glo Customer Care Service

Glo Customer Care agents have a commendable level of respect for their customers and this is not unusual because the Glo Network have been keeping to standards which are targeted towards improving customer experience. 

From time to time, you can encounter problems with recharge cards or your Glo Sim may develop issues like; unauthorised subscriptions to useless services, disturbing short messages and a whole lot of other problems which would require the assistance of a Glo Customer Care Agent. Infact, whatever problems you encounter in the course of using your Glo Sim, Glo Customer Care would be willing to assist you and probably provide solutions to your problems.

Now, the big question is; how do you contact Glo Customer Care? Well, there are somany ways you can use to contact them and they include;

• You can choose to call them directly.

• Through their social media handles (ie Twitter and Facebook).

• You can send an email containing your complaints to them.

• A visit to any of their customer care offices nationwide, especially when it is a case of blocked Sim Card.

How To Contact Glo Customer Care

1. Call them Directly: You can call their customer care representatives using the phone numbers below;

Dial 121 or 200, if you are calling with a Glo number.

If you are calling using another Network in Nigeria, then dial 08050020121 or 08050020200

If you calling Glo Customer Care agents in Nigeria from overseas, you should dial +2348050020121 or +2348050020200

When you call any of the numbers above, remember to follow the pre-programmed instructions you receive while on the call. This will make it easy for you to connect with any of their less busy customer care agent.

2. Social Media Handles: One of the easiest way to contact Glo Customer Care is through their Social Media Handles on Facebook and Twitter. When you you visit either their Facebook or Twitter page, send a message containing your complaints directly to them.

Click here to visit Glo Customer Care Twitter page.

• For their functional Facebook page, Click Here.

3. Send an Email: If you are the very busy type and you do not have time to call them or chat them up on their Facebook or Twitter account, then the best way to send your complaints or get your issues resolved is by sending a concise email to Glo Customer Care via their official email address which is: [email protected] or [email protected] 

when you successfully send an email to them, one of their customer care agents will give typical replies to your email in less than 24hours. If you don't get any solution from the first reply, send another email to them to ensure that your issues are taking care of.

4. Glo Offices Nationwide: There are somany Glo Offices in Nigeria, and you will find them mostly in capital cities here in Nigeria. So ask questions and you will be directed to any of their office close to you.

For instance, here in Imo State, they have their office located in the capital city of Imo State which is at 34 Wetheral road, Owerri, Imo State.

So just ask questions or you can click here to check an organized list of Glo Offices in every state in Nigeria.

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