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Glo has always been the grandmasters of data in Nigeria, and no Network in Nigeria can give upto half of what Glo gives to their customers frequently. The only problem with Glo is that sometimes, their internet connections are poor in some locations. But if you are lucky enough to find your self in a place where Glo internet connection is strong and you have got browsing cheats, you will enjoy being a Glo customer (especially internet users)

At the moment, what some young people call love is in the air and so Glo has decided to show some love to their customers nationwide. They have decided to give out mega free data to lucky customers, ranging from 3GB-36GB depending on some terms and conditions.

Of course, the 36GB may sound like mission impossible and may also make you feel like we are kidding you, but the truth is Glo is already gifting data to customers who have met with their conditions regarding this free data give away.

Like you already know, nothing is free. To get this free data from Glo, you have to purchase or promote any of their products.

From the conditions listed by Glo, this free data is available to customers who can purchase two smartphones from any of their retail outlet nationwide. This data give away will run from 8th February to 22nd February, 2020.

Glo made an official statement to backup their claims, read below;

“We expect that our customers will be engaged in alot of online activities, and so we decided to make it easier for them to buy devices at affordable prices for themselves and their loved ones.” Glo.

From what AdaptsNews reporters were able decipher, whether you are given 4GB, 18GB, or 36Gb, the expiry date of you data is in 6-months. How much data you will be given depends on the type of phone you purchase.

To qualify, you can buy any of the listed phone brands from any Glo retail outlet nationwide.

1. Vivo

2. Infinix

3. Techno

4. Itel

5. Imose

6. Nokia

Glo also added the below quality assurance statement to clear the possible doubts of their potential customers.

“The subscribe is rest assured of the genuineness of the phones which comes with warranties and after-sales support manufacturers. The price at the Gloworld outlets are the most competitive in the market”.

You can go to any Glo outlet without hesitating and grab a smartphone at affordable prices, so you can be qualified to receive 3GB-36GB from Glo.

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