Stark VPN – Use Stark VPN to set up free Browsing Cheat on MTN, 9mobile, Glo, Airtel

Browsing cheats like Stark VPN come and go, no browsing tip is mearnt to last forever. Sometimes, we just feel like we could make it last longer than it should. But I have come to discover that some browsing cheats stay longer than most internet users can imagine.

I have been making use of this browsing cheat called Stark VPN cheat for a very long time, especially during days when I don't have money to subscribe for Glo whatsapp social media bundles. Of course, even a webmaster can sometimes run out of data.

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For the past one year and six months, the Stark VPN browsing cheat has been available for anybody that cares to make use of it and I will show you how to download the well known Stark VPN and further more – how to activate it for internet uses.

Requirements To Activate Stark VPN Browsing Cheat

1. Stable internet connection (either 3G or 4G network).

2. Android phone.

3. Stark VPN App – download here.

4. MTN Sim Card.

How to Activate Stark VPN Free Browsing

• Download Stark VPN APP and lunch it on your Android device.

• Check for Select Tweak menu and choose custom.

• Click on the three dots at the right corner of the app.

• Check for connection mode and choose HTTP

• On server port, input 8080.

• Select Header Host and type in or alternatively you type in

• Check for Select Header Line Type and choose MultiLine.

• On Proxy Host, type in;

• On your Proxy Port, type in 8080.

• Return back to the home page of the App and select AUTO SERVER.

• CLICK ON POWER button to connect instantly to the World Wide Web.

How To Automatically Activate Stark VPN APP

You can activate you Stark VPN App for free browsing automatically by following the steps below;

• After downloading and installing you Stark VPN APP

• Under the select tweak, click on MTN 50MB Daily.

• After step two, tap on the power button and conect to the internet asap. Enjoy and don't forget to teach your friends.

How to Activate Stark VPN Free Browsing on Airtel

Like we've already stated above, there are two ways to configure your Stark VPN application on MTN, the same applies to Airtel. The difference is that on Airtel instead of getting $50MB or $100MB like we have on MTN, you will get 500MB. Just follow the steps below to activate the browsing cheat.

★ You need to download the latest version of Stark VPN on your device – Click here to download.

★ Now, install and open your Stark VPN reloaded application.

★ Look for “Tweaks Option” on the homepage and open it.

★ On the drop-down menu, scroll down and select “NG Airtel Unlimited” or “NG Airtel Unlimited 2”

★ When you have selected either of the two options, you will be redirected to Stark VPN homepage.

★ Finally, Click on the huge “Red Power” button on your Stark VPN homepage. In a matter of seconds, the Stark VPN application will start working and you can access the internet for free.

Second Method to Activate Airtel 500MB on Stark VPN

This second method is a bit complex, yet it is not too difficult to set-up. Just follow the steps below.

1. After downloading and properly installing your Spark VPN application, ensure you have at least 5 – 10MB on your Airtel sim.

2. Open the VPN and turn on your data connection asap.

3. Now, click on “update servers” while leaving your data connection on. Your servers will be updated, after that, returr to homepage.

4. Click on the None/Direct button.

5. Choose “NG Airtel 500MB daily” twerk.

6. Lastly, click on the big “Red Power Button” and you will be connected to browse the internet for free.

How to Activate Stark VPN Free Browsing on Glo

As long as you have the latest version of Stark VPN reloaded, the steps are the just similar.

★ Click on the “Direct/None” and a few selectable options will drop down.

★ Scroll down the option and select “NG Glo Unlimited”.

★ Now, click on the “Red Power Button” to connect the VPN.

★ After a few seconds, the big Red Button turns green indicating that you are now connected to the internet.

How to Activate Stark VPN Free Browsing on 9 Mobile

• Open your Stark VPN application.

• Click on “Direct/None” and select 9mobile 300MB daily.

• Ensure you don't have any already functioning data bundle on 9mobile before trying to connect.

• Click on the “Red Button”. Once it turns green, you can browse for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stake VPN Reloaded Work on Airtel?

Yes, Stark VPN world perfectly on Airtel. All you need to do is follow the steps enumerated in this article to activate it.

Why is my Stark VPN not connecting?

This could possibly be because of the weak network signal in your location. I have used Stark VPN for a very long time and I noticed it does connect in places where network signal is poor. Another reason why your Stark VPN isn't connecting could be because of wrong settings. Go through this article and take note of the right way to activate your Stark VPN.

Is Stark VPN Safe?

The security of any digital platform is an illusion. In other words, not all online web applications or websites are completely secured. However, for the meantime, we've not gotten any bad reports about Stark VPN.

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