Woman Attempts Hiring Killers Using Bitcoin


In the United States of America, a woman was recently arrested for attempting to hire killers using the well known Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. She tried using Dark Web to hire killers to kill a young man.

The 37-year old woman whose name has been identified to be Kelly R. Herper was arrested last Friday night before she was able to complete her evil agenda of killing the man. The man was able to discover her plot on time and so he alerted federal and local investigators.

In the past, there have been records of unscrupulous people using digital currency to hire killers to commit murder in the United States. From the records of a criminal complaint filed in the US district Court in Madison two days ago, U.S police officers were called to the home of the intended victim in January 12, 2020, where they spoke with him. A couple of local journalist kept records of the meeting through a video conference.

In the course of these unfolding events, one of the journalist investigating the case told police officers that while he was searching through a hire-for-murder site on the ‘Dark Web’, he discovered a secret information which shows that an unknown person wanted to kill the man.

NB: The ‘Dark Web’ is a hidden part of the World Wide Web (internet) which is only usable through softwares, the Dark Web is an anonymous site and it is structured in a way that illegal activities are difficult if not impossible to trace or track. People on the dark web prefer receiving payments in digital currencies (Cryptocurrencies like; Bitcoin). 

From records in court filing, the young man who was to be killed by killers, give police officers a concise summary of what the journalist discovered from the ‘Dark Web’, including communications that happened throughout December between the woman and the killers on the ‘Dark Web’.

The killer's address, phone number and description was also forwarded to the police. On the murder-for-hire dark-wed, Herper was said to have written the following;

“The target needs to be killed, he is a white 5 foot 5 male, dark brown, short hair, blue eyes, weight 165 pounds”.

After some days, an FBI special agent, Bryan Baker, verified all the information contained in the investigation report of the journalist. It was also discovered that Harper made a payment in Bitcoins to the admin of a second website on the Dark Web to also hire killers to kill her intended victim.

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