Make 2,000 naira daily on Palmpay


Palmpay has decided to put smiles on the faces of its customers using the palmpay mobile app. This offer is available to both old and new customers on their online banking platform.

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If you have already registered on their platform/App, all your need to do is to log into your palmpay mobile app and click on Cash Spree, and then you will be given a link with which you can refer your friends and make 2,000 naira on a daily.

Now, for those who don't have any online bank account with Palmpay Nigeria, don't fret, you can still register by following the instructions below and subsequently participate and enjoy making your own 2,000 naira daily. Follow the steps below:

How to register on Palmpay mobile app and make 2000 naira daily

The steps are not difficult or complex, just make sure you refer your friends and note that they don't have to put in money in their accounts to validate your referral.

1. Go to their website – Click Here. On the website, click GIVE A HAND and type in your mobile number.

2. Now go and download the app – Download Here.

3. Fill in your details [like your name and the mobile number you used in Giving a Hand in step one(1).]

4. Create your password and confirm it.

5. Validate your phoneline by putting in your OTP (One time password).

6. Make your security system on the app stronger by Integrating a finger print or a pattern on Palmpay app settings.

After step six, you are now ready to start referring your friends. Simply click on Cash Spree on the Palmpay app menu and start referring your friends.

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Note that Palmpay can be used for alot of online transactions including sending money to any bank is Nigeria. You can also send money to your Palmpay account through your bank app. Just follow the steps below to easily achieve that.

How to send Money to your Palmpay Account using your Bank App

1. Log into your bank app using your correct password.

2. Go to transfer money and select other Banks.

3. On other Banks, search for Palmpay Bank and select it.

4. Technically, your Palmpay Account number is the phone line you used in opening Palmpay. So, input the number and wait for 5 seconds.

5. You name will appear, you can then click on send money.

6. Boom! Your money will be transferred from your Bank Mobile App to your Palmpay Account and from there you can kick-start your transactions.

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