Yahoo boy r*pes young maiden to death (Video)

In a video going viral on social media apps, a young man was apprehended and beaten mercilessly by a mob for allegedly raping a young maiden to death in the course of performing rituals (jazz) for his Yahoo business.

The name and Identity of the young man is yet to be made known and was not shared by those trending the videos across social media portals.

Recall that since the inception of this year, there have been several cases of unknown young ladies running mad or losing their mental balance after coming down from exotic cars in broad day light.

Infact, last month, there were two of such cases in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State, Nigeria. From speculations, these strange occurrences are linked to the activities of Yahoo Yahoo boys who may have used these young ladies to perform rituals in order to speed up their journey to fortune and wealth.

As illogical as these specifications and claims may sound to intellectuals, it still doesn't take away the fact that there are video evidences of this evil and mind boggling strange happenings.

Watch the video through our Telegram channel – Click here to watch.

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