Facebook and LinkedIn leaks data of over 900Million People


The internet has been thrown off balance over the news of breached data of people using both LinkedIn and Facebook social media websites.

First, it was Facebook and now LinkedIn seem to have followed up with speculations strongly suggesting that LinkedIn has recently experienced a data leak. As a matter of fact, over 500Million users of LinkedIn have had their personal data breached as against the privacy policy of Linkedln.

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A combination of the number of persons affected by this data breach on both Facebook and LinkedIn will amount to more than 900Million users and the number would sound scary to any user of both social media websites.

You may want to ask the kind of data that has been breached or linked. Well, this breached data is technically referring to your account details which includes; your name, your location, relationship status, your number etc. The leaked personal information of some persons are already being sold by some desperate people on some sort of heckers forum.

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Below is a list of countries heavily affected by Facebook and LinkedIn data breach;

1. United States of America

2. United Kingdom

3. India

And other countries of the world. Users from the above three countries were heavily affected by this wave of Facebook and LinkedIn data leak. However, as long as you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, then there is a chance that you have been affected.

On the other hand, speculations has it that the perpetrators of the LinkedIn data theft wants to sell all the data for a whopping price in form of the well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin. We cannot tell exactly the reason for choosing to use Bitcoin as a means of selling the breached LinkedIn data. Perhaps, it may have something to do with the perpetrators hiding their identities.

Just like Facebook, the leaked data on LinkedIn are simply personal details of users of the social media websites/app. These stolen personal details of users on LinkedIn includes;  full names, emails, workplace address, telephone numbers e.t.c. Of course, having ones personal details and address in the hands of bandits, hoodlums, terrorist or evil minded people is very dangerous especially for people living in developed countries where these addresses are usually accurate.

LinkedIn are yet to address their users or say anything regarding this date breach on their platform. We hope that our LinkedIn data or personal details have not been taken by unscrupulous people whose intentions may only be evil.

As we all know, this may not be the first time something like this is happening especially on Facebook. We got reports which seem to have been surrounded by speculations about a similar occurrence back in 2020. The repeat of the same incident makes it quite obvious, and difficult if not impossible to denial.

You maybe worried about your personal details and you may want to check if your personal details have been leaked. Here is how to check if you were affected by the recent Facebook Data Theft. Use the method below;

How To Check If Your Phone Number Was Stolen From Facebook

Your phone line is one of the most important details on your social media handles, if your phone number is stolen or in the wrong hands, you may lose your Facebook account. Your password can be changed by-passing your Facebook One Time Password (OTP).

Now, visit “The news Each Day” on your chrome browser or Click Here to visit directly. Input your phone line in the box provided. Click check and wait for a little while. As long as your phone line was not leaked, you will see a message that reads “Result: Your phone number is not in the data”.

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If you discover that your phone number was amongst the leak ones, change your Facebook password asap and enable Two Way authentication on your Facebook account.

How To Find Out If Your Email Address Was Stolen From Facebook

Your email address is quite another essential detail on your online spaces.

To check if it was stolen, you have to visit “Have I been Pwned” website. Type it into your chrome browser and click the first website or Click Here to visit directly. Then input your email address in the box provided and click the “Pwned?” button.

If you find that your email was amongst the stolen ones, return to Facebook and change your password.

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