Governor El-Rufai – If my son is kidnapped, I will rather pray for him to make heaven


Governor Nasir El-Rufai has condemned the paying of ransom to bandits who kidnap innocent people on account of getting them release their victims.

This is not the first time Governor El-Rufai has come out openly to condemn negotiations with bandits over the lives of their victims. In a radio interview granted the Governor on 9th April, he said it is wrong for government to bargain with bandits or pay them any ransom just so they could free their victims.

The Governor also went further to mention that even if his own son is kidnapped for unknown men or bandits, he would pray for him to make heaven instead of paying or bargaining with kidnappers for his release.

When he was asked if his administration had made any plan of paying a ransom to convince the bandits to release the students abducted from the from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Keduna, in response Governor El-Rufai said;

“I mean it and I will say it again here. Even if my son is kidnapped, I will rather pray for him to make heaven instead because I won’t pay any ransom”

He insisted that his government will use other ways to make sure that the students are released and returned to their parents.

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