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Technology has greatly advanced to the point where we can now chat with bots, enjoy AI Generated Stories from them, ask these bots technical and intelligent questions and in turn get typical replies immediately. That's the beauty of High-Tech.

However, most advanced bots can still not hold a reasonable level of decent and intelligent conversations, but we cannot denial the fact that AI systems are by the day getting better and better when it comes to generating written word. We already have a popular web app already proving this assertion. This web app allows users to enter a text and get immediate response from the AI system automatically.

When you type in the first or second sentence in a news article, the AI system will finish it for you. You can ask the bot a question and get interesting responses. Be that as it may, your questions has to be in this format: “Q: Who is the best player in the world?” and of course, the AI system will generate an accurate answer to your question.

The name of the web app is known as TalkToTransformer.com. A Canadian Engineer known as Adam King is the brain behind the website itself. But, the beautiful technology running the web app AI system is a product of research lab OpenAI. Back in 2019, OpenAI lunched its impressive and new AI language system which is known as GPT2, and the technology behind TalkToTransform is a light and easy to access version of the GPT-2.

In the past, this technology was only available to just a selected number of scientists and journalists. (The name transformer is literally pointing  to the kind of network used by GPT-2 and some other systems).

By making yourself familiar with TalkToTransformer, you will get to properly understand how AI language generation and system works. The web app is extremely flexible and easy to navigate.

The AI system can identify the difference between news articles, recipes, HTML e.t.c Although, there could be lapses with this splendid AI system that generates stories and answers to random questions as we don't expect an automated system to be 100% human or perfect, after all, humans are not perfect.

Log on to TalkToTransformer.com and enjoy the beauty of AI technology.

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