Omoyele Sowore Was Shot By Police, But Survived

Mr Omoyele Sowore was allegedly shot by police men in Abuja today. This ugly incident occurred while he was trying start a rally against the insecurity and unrest in the country.

The shooting against the formal presidentail candidate and his group began when they showed anger and dissatisfaction over the unrest and nonchalant attitude of the government over security issues in Nigeria.

Short clips from a live video of the occurrence showed that Sowore and the others with him were singing solidarity songs before they were attacked by the police operatives. The video equally had clips of officers arriving at the scene of the ugly incident before guns shots happened and the Sowore collapsed on the ground.

Sowore's lawyer rightly mentioned to news men that his client was not killed rather he sustained injuries from bullets that came from the police men. We cannot tell if these injures are life threatening. It is important to note that Sowore was shot while he was trying to mobilize a group of protesters ahead of a nationwide protest against insecurity which is expected to hold on 12th June, 2021.

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