How to mirror or flip an image in Google Docs with ease


How to flip an image on Google Docs

Google Docs is a free of charge tool capable of enhancing and improving your productivity. It can be used for processing activities which includes editing and creating essential documents. Google Docs equally makes sharing your contents easy especially if you are a part of the writing industry/community.

What is Google Docs?

According to the online world-base-encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editor Suite offered by Google which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms e.t.c Credit: Wikipedia

This free web-based tool is not widely used for nothing. Its features encloses allowing you to insert and edit images where necessary and needed. You are also allowed to flip images on Google Docs if need be, and in case you have tried and failed, this article will help you succeed at it in one shot. So, grab a cup of hot tea if the atmosphere in your environment is cold or a cup of chilled tea if the weather in you location is hot, then seat back and enjoy the ride.

How to flip an image on Google Docs using your Personal Computer

To flip any image on Google Docs using you PC, follow the steps below. But, note that this method is more suitable for computers, not smartphones.

1. Directly from your editor screen, you can mirror an image added to Google Docs if you are making use of windows computer or Mac. To do this open a document in you Google Docs where you intend to mirror the image.

2. Perhaps, the image you intend to mirror is already in your document, copy and paste it on your Google Docs clipboard. Copying and pasting images on your clipboard is easy. All you need to do is move your cusor to the image and right-click your mouse and choose the copy option then paste on the clipboard. Alternatively, you can copy you images by pressing; control C (Ctrl +C to copy.

3. After you have copied the image, direct your cusor to the empty part of your document and leave it there. Navigate to the ‘insert option’ and from there go down to  drawing and select New.

4. Now, a new empty drawing window will appear on your computer after step three. Right-click on your mouse and select paste to make your copied image appear. You can equally press Ctrl + V on your PC  to make your copied image appear.

5. After step four, the image you initially copied will appear on your empty document. But if you no longer want to use the image you already copied, you can decide to insert an image by clicking on the image-insert icon on the top of your Google Docs and subsequently select the image you want to upload.

6. Finally, to flip your image you should click on the Action Menu Option in your Google Docs windows, then go down and select rotate. Four options will surface, you will see where it is written “flip horizontally” and “flip vertically”. You should choose either of the two depending on how your image is to be flipped.

Congratulations: After step six, your image is now flipped and probably ready to serve the purpose it was created for. 

How to Mirror an Image on Google Docs using your smartphone

We have already talked about flipping images on Google Docs using your Personal Computer (PC). For those who would love to learn how to do it with their smartphones, this section of the article is for you. 

To successfully mirror or flip an image on Google Docs using your smartphone, you have got to download an App known as Snapseed. The idea is to flip the image on Snapseed and then upload it to Google Docs. Before we continue, click any of the links blow to download the app on your device.

To Download Snapseed  on your Android Click Here.

To Download Snapseed on your IOS Click Here.

a) Install the app and open it then tap on the huge ‘T’ icon, you can find that icon on the app's Home Screen.

b) After step one, allow storage from your phone to the app.

C) After giving permissions for storage of the app documents to your phone, click on the plus sign again and select any image of your choice to flip it.

d) Once the image uploads, click on the ‘Tools’ button on Snapseed app.

e) After step D, you will see a lot of tools appear in front of your Snapseed.

f) Click on the rotate button to flip your image. You will see an option that allows for flipping images. Click it to mirror or flip your image.

g) Tap the button to flip your image horizontally.

h) To flip vertically, tap the rotate button double or twice.

Once you are satisfied with the results you have gotten, save the image and export it to Google Docs. Congratulations, you have been able to flip your image using your smartphone.

How to add your flipped image on Google Docs

i) Go to Google Docs using your samrtphone, click on the post sign on Google Docs home screen.

ii) After that, click on image and select photos.

iii) Select the image you originally flipped using Snapseed and then upload it to Google Docs without stress.

Congratulations, your image has been flipped using your smartphone.

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