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Just like the popular link Shortner known as, maxnob protects your links while offering you a chance to make cool money on the internet. You don't need to literally stress yourself about it, you have go to just stay cool and cashout on daily, weekly or monthly depending on how much traffic your shortened links generates.

What is Maxnob?

Maxnob is a new paying online platform which allows you to make money from shortening your links on their website and getting clicks on the shortened links. Their strategy is simple and easy to apprehend, they create a kind of page where your clickers will view their adverts and then place your full link below their adverts and yes, your visitors can still navigate to the original page your shared the link after viewing their adverts.

Even if you don't share links, you can earn from maxnob by inviting your friends to join their platform using your referral link, and the good thing is that nobody needs to put in money on Maxnob to earn money with them. Maxnob has a generous partnership program which is going to pay you 20% of the earnings your referrals make. So what then are you waiting for, refer your friends and get ready to make cool cash without mixing cement and sand or losing your energy to hard labour (chuckles).

Looking for links to share; you can go to any website of your choice (you can use AdaptsNews if you like), pick a link and go to maxnob to shorten it. When your are done shortening the link, share it on Facebook or Twitter, ensure your paste the links with interesting captions or introductory 2-5 sentences that's all you need to do. Having said that, let's show you how to register on

How To Create Account With Maxnob

To Create your own account is pretty easy and straight forward, just follow the steps below;

1. Visit Click Here to visit directly.

2. Type in your details like your name and email address. Please, use your real name so that when cashing out through Direct Bank Transfer, it won't be difficult or impossible for you.

3. Verify your email address and yes, you have now got a Maxnob account for yourself.

Once you are done creating your personal account on Maxnob, you can now start shortening links and sharing them to make money from clicks and impressions on the ads placed on Maxnob page.

How To Shorten a Link on Maxnob

Just link we have earlier rightly mentioned, Maxnob is just like, but the only difference is that you can make money through the click you get from their platform. The aim of shortening your links is to mask them if your are a webmaster and trying to avoid Facebook banned or reduce the lengthy state of a link (Google search engine links) to make it look friendly to users.

For those who are not webmasters and do not run any blog at all, you can still pick links to interesting articles from random blogs online and then shorten them and paste such links on Twitter and Facebook after an interesting caption. Of course you will get clicks and that is how you make your money. Follow the steps below to shorten your links on Maxnob.

1. Go to Maxnob Home page. Click Here to visit Maxnob homepage.

2. You will find three box, you are to fill in these boxes with;

a. Your link on box one.

b. Leave box two.

b. On box three, choose

3. Click on shorten link. Once the link is reduced, you will see something like this

4. Copy it and paste it on either Facebook, Twitter or any platform of your choice. 

5. Keep checking your earnings, and note that you can cashout as small as $3 dollars on Maxnob via PayPal or Bank transfer.

See picture Proves of Maxnob withdrawals and Cashouts.

How to receive your payment on Maxnob

It quite easy to receive your money on Maxnob once you reach their payment threshold. They can pay you with PayPal and other sources and they include;

1. Bitcoin

2. Opay bank 

3. Skrill

4. Payza. e.t.c

Below is the amount of money you must make to qualify for withdraws through any of their payment gateways.

Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount

PayPal                         $5.000

Payza                          $25.000

Skrill                          $5.000

Bitcoin                          $50.000

Perfect Money           $10.000

Payeer                           $5.000

Bank Transfer            $20.000

Withdraw to Opay     $5.000

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