Best Tweet Deleter Apps You Need to Delete All Tweets for Free


Perhaps, you have over 50k tweets on your tweeter account and suddenly you feel like you need to clean up your tweeter account. Here are the best tweet deleter applications you can use to achieve your goal. We have taken time to make a list of the best tweet deleter apps that can help you facilitate this process and aid you delete all your messy tweets(chuckles). Not to worry, all you need to do is select any of apps after reading our reviews on all of them.

There have been cases where people lost job interviews because of their tweets and the kind of opinions they dished out to people in the public on social media. Who knows, If they had access to applications that can delete tweets, they would have cleaned up their accounts before going to apply for jobs.

Technically, Twitter doesn't have any tool to assist its users delete all their tweets at once or in one shot. Basically, all the apps we are gonna list here are external apps. So, get some chocolates, relax and select from this list of five best tweet deleter applications.

5 Best Tweet Deleter Applications

After making a lot of enquiries and application reviews, these are the best tweet deleter applications or tools you can use to delete all tweets in a very short time. So, grab a seat and let's do another smooth ride. Not to worry, you can decide to stand. What's important is that we have got you covered. Lol.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that these tweet deleter applications are not entirely free. Although, there are limits to how many tweets you can delete using the apps on free mode or free plan.

1. Twitwipe - This app should be your choice if you don't have money to pay tweet deleter applications. Using TwitWipe is free of charge (foc).

2. TweetEraser - TweetEraser is more of a mass tweet deleter application. If you want to do a mass delete, then TweetEraser is certainly your choice.

3. Circleboom - For ease in deleting old tweets, likes and history, use Circleboom.

4. TweetDeleter - Tweet Deleter comes to mind for those who want something free that has value and quality. If you don't have enough money, you can use TweetDeleter. Although , TweetDeleter is not completely free, but its free plan is dupe.

5. TweetDelete - This is just another app mentioned to increase the number of apps you can select from. Just like the others, it has free Features and also premium plans you must pay for before access is granted.


With TwitWipe you can delete all your tweets in one shot. With TwitWipe you can clean up a lot of tweets for free. But unfortunately, TwitWipe doesn't have the tweet selection feature, perhaps this is because using the app is free of charge (foc).

TwitWipe has a downside which makes it less preferable to other ranking applications when it comes to deleting tweets. TwitWipe is very slow and takes time in deleting tweets. But since the app is free and can still delete all your tweets if given permission, you should be patient with it.


Unlike TwitWipe, TweetEraser is not free. Although you are allowed to use its basics for free, yet to access the premium plan you have to pay a few dollars.

TweetEraser also has many interesting features that would help you delete your tweets faster. For instance, you can use a certain keyword and hashtag to search a couple of tweets and delete them in bulk.

You can as well manage multiple Twitter accounts on TweetEraser. The application is free from spam and unnecessary ads.

If the number of tweets you intend to delete are very few, you can decide to use TweetEraser, but if your tweets are too many and you have a lot of tweeter accounts to manage, then you should consider paying from TweetEraser premium plan which is not too expensive.


From all the reviews available on the internet, Circleboom is considered the best Tweet deleter anybody can make use of in deleting their Tweets in bulk and from reports Circleboom tweet deleter application is user friendly and it's easy to navigate on the app.

You can delete all your tweets and replies at once on Circleboom. All you need to do is to make use of the mass delete option and certaining this will save you time and energy.

Circleboom can also help you unfollow all the persons who aren't following you back on tweeter and the interesting part is that you can do this at once.

Digital agencies, individuals and small business owners can make use of the app in deleting their tweets and massively unfollowing tweeter users who have refused to follow them back. To unfollow people one after the other on Tweeter is no easy task. But with this app, it's as easy as A B C.


Tweet Scheduler – You can use this app to strategically schedule your tweets and have them tweeted anytime you like.

Massive Delete of Old Tweets: Circleboom like other rival tweet deleter gives you the advantage of massive delete in a matter of seconds.

Growth Graph: On Circleboom you will be able to monitor the growth of your tweeter page using its growth graph to analyze performance from time to time.

Follow Insight: This features provides you with the information you need to access your followers. With Follow Insight on Circleboom, you will figure out fake Twitter accounts, spam accounts and also inactive accounts.

Circleboom is not free. So, here are prices of its plans for subscribers.

Business Plan: This goes for $114.99 per month and of course, you would gain access to a lot of premium features on the application.

Multi Plan: Multi plan on Circleboom goes for $35.99 for a single month. You can use a maximum of five accounts on this plan.

Pro plan: This is probably the cheapest plan on Circleboom and you just have to pay about $12 to access this plan. You can also delete your tweets in bulk using this plan but you cannot use up to five accounts with this plan.

Corporate plan: Corporate plan is the most expensive plan on Circleboom. To use it you have to pay $229.99 dollars.

A lot users recommend Circleboom to be the best Twitter deleter on the internet. Technically judging from its features and the user friendly function on the app, I believe it is one of the best tweet deleter application.


If your budget is low or you don't have money at all to spare, then TweetDeleter should be on your mind because it is free of charge and at the same time equal to the task.

TweetDeleter comes with an automatic tweet delete option. With this option you can set your tweets to automatically delete after a period of three months. With this option you don't need to keep coming back to the app all the time. All you need to do is to enable the setting on your TweetDeleter application.

Aside TweetDeleter auto-option, you can also choose to delete your tweets instantly and manually on the app. It also has another option that can aid you filter tweets with harsh and derogatory words and subsequently delete such tweets.

Key Features of TweetDeleter

Auto-delete-option: With this feature, you tweets can be deleted automatically.

Tweet Filter: This features makes it easy for users to filter out tweets containing harsh words. The free plan on TweetDeleter is accessible to all users of the application, but if you want a premium plan on tweet deleter application, here is a breakdown of the price per premium plan subscription.

Advance Plan: This plan is just for $4.99 per month and with it you can have about 3150 and 1000 tweets and likes deleted respectively.

Standard plan: Standard plan goes for $3.99 per month and could delete about 500 tweets.

Unlimited Plan: Unlimited plan on TweetDeleter has all the features that comes with the application. You can use it to delete all your tweets and likes in very short time.


The 5th tool we have on our list is TweetDelete. You can choose to call it the twin brother of TweetDeleter, but the fact remains that the two applications are not the same and have diverse features and subscription plans.

Just like TweetDeleter, TweetDelete has a free plan available to all users. However if you want to access its premium plan, you have to pay $15 for it and then you gain access to tweet deleter application and all of its feature.

Conclusion: All of this tweet deleter application can delete your tweets and they are available for download on play store to serve you. Your choice therefore depends on your preference.

You can drop a comment if you have any question or personal experience with any the above apps. Your reviews and comments will always be appreciated.

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