Chase Debit Card: Activate Your Chase Debit Card Without Using Pin


Banking has gone beyond walking into the bank every now and then to deposit and withdraw money. Transactions in the bank is a lot more digital than it use to be and has what it takes to digitalize your banking experience. Just so you know, is has several categories which includes: Person Banking, Military Banking, Investment Planning and like you would expect, online banking.

When you visit the Bank's website and navigate to any of these major sections mentioned above, you will find a short article on how the bank operates and what they are willing to offer their potential clients.

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For a concise information on how the bank does its online transactions and how to get a Chase debit card, your can go to to view the bank's official website.

Be that as it may, this article is about how you can activate your Chase Bank DEBIT CARD without using any pin. In the below paragraphs, we would show you how to do all of these and get your Chese debit card working perfectly without any issue of any kind.

Steps to activate your Chase debit card

This section is for those who have already applied for their Chase Debit Card and have gotten it, but do not know how to activate the card.

Activating your Chase Debit Card isn't difficult and doesn't involve rocket science. You can chose to use any of the methods listed below to activate your Chase Debit Card.

1. Using Chase Mobile App.

2. Call Chase Customer Care to activate the card for you.

3. Activate Chase Debit Card online.

4. Using an ATM machine.

1. Using Chase Mobile App: You can activate your Chase debit card on the Chase bank mobile app and have it fuction without issues in a very short time.

a. First, you have got to download the Chase bank updated mobile app on playstore. Click here to download.

b. After downloading the app, sign into the app and check for the “Show More Actions” function, you will see two pop-ups, then Click on “Accept” and accepting, choose “Get Started”.

C. The terms and conditions of the bank will be presented to you. After you are done reviewing it click on “Activate Quick Accept”.

D. Now, your Chase Debit Card has been activated for possible transactions in the future.

2. Call Chase Customer Care to Activate the Card for You: This method will be useful to you if you know understand how to use mobile applications and online platforms. All you have to do is call the Chase Bank Customer Care and tell them you want to activate your Chase Debit Card. Here is how to do it.

a. Check for a sticker that was attached to your already delivered Chase debit card. You will see a customer care number written on it.

b. Write down the phone number and type it in your mobile device.

c. Now, call the line with the same number you submitted while applying for your Chase Debit Card, this is to avoid issues in identification.

d. Explain to the customer care that you want to activate your Chase debit card.

e. You will be asked to provide a few details which includes; your debit card number, last digits of your social security number and any essential detail needed.

f. Once you are done with providing your details, your card will be activated with using any pin. Congratulations! Remove its sticker and you can start using the card for transactions.

3. Activate Chase Debit Card online: You can leverage Chase bank website and activate you card online. This is probably the easiest way to activate you Chase debit card. Follow the steps below to use this method.

a. Visit the verification page of Chase bank website – Click here to visit.

b. Quickly log into your Chase account. If you don't have one try creating it on the website.

c. After logging into your Chase account, clcik on “My Account”.

d. Now,  select the function for activation of Chase debit card.

e. Follow the instructions provided on the website and submit the details need to activate the card.

f. When you done providing your essential details, click on the Activation Button to complete the process. Congratulations! You Chase debit card is probably ready for online transactions.

4. Activate your Chase Debit Card Using ATM machine: If you tried the above three methods and it didn't yield any good results for you, you can try visiting any nearby Chase bank ATM to verify and activate your Chase Debit Card.

All you need to do is slot in your card into the ATM machine and instructions will be provided on the screen on how you can activate the card. Read and follow the instructions one after the other and your card will be activated.

Finally, if you try all the methods listed above and it all fails, just call their customer care number 1-800-935-9935 and request for assistance. You should call them with the number you used in registering for your Chase debit card. I am pretty sure they would provide you with the assistance you need in a jiffy.

It is imperative to note that you also visit the nearest Chase bank branch and to have a one on one conversation with the customer care about activating your Chase debit card.

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Benefits of Using Chase Debit Card

1. Zero-Liability Protect: This benefit means you won't pay for any unauthorized debit transaction that happens with your debit card when you send notice to the bank in less than 12-24 hours of the said transactions, isn't it amazing? This will go a long way in protecting you from unforseen circumstances which includes the activities of scammers and unscrupulous people.

2. Guarantee Reimbursement: With Guarantee Reimbursement, the withdrawals that happened with your authorization will be sent back to your account in less than five business/working days.

3. Added Security: Chase debit card comes with inbuilt security that protects your card from unauthorized use. It has a chip added to it to further toughen its security.

During transactions, the chip produces a single-user code to the validate the transaction and this make it a lot difficult for unscrupulous people to use your Chase debit card.

4. Account Alerts: To use this feature, you have to sigh up for it and when you do, subsequently, alerts will be sent to your phone number to inform about any transaction that happens with your Chase debit card. They will also send alerts to you if your ATM withdrawal goes beyond the limit you originally stipulated while activating the card.

5. Real-time fraud monitoring: This feature ensures that you will contacted anytime your transactions and spendings goes beyond what it use to be in the past.

Conclusion: Enjoy the use of your newly activated Chase Debit Card (chuckles). Don't forget to send me your card so I could use to go shopping this friday. Lol.

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