How to Pull Out Music From Audiomack To Phone Storage After Download


When you download music from Audiomack app, it remains on the app without being visible on your phone's internal storage. Songs downloaded on Audiomack are usually not sharable via bluetooth connection or Xender. You cannot play such songs on other music application in your phone except Audiomack. So, in this article we have taken time to enumerate the steps you can take to transfer your music from Audiomack to your phone's internal storage.

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When you successfully use these steps to extract your songs from Audiomack to the internal storage of your smartphone, you would be able to share it with your friends through Bluetooth connection, Xender, and you can as well play the extracted songs on other music applications in your device. The steps listed below will save you from wasting your time on online apps trying to converts downloaded songs from Audiomack to internal storage.

Please, I will like you to note that the techniques below can only work on Android smartphones. At the moment, we do not have any workable technique for smartphone using operating systems different from Android. We will still make research to come up with a method that would work for phones using other operating systems like iPhone.


a. Audiomack application – Click Here to Download

b. Already downloaded songs on Audiomack

c. X-plore App – Click Here to Download

How To Move Downloaded Songs From Audiomack to Internal Storage

1. Lunch your Audiomack and Click on ‘My Library’ and then select sort by Newest on the settings.

2. Download the X-Plore application on your samrtphone.

3. Click on your ‘Internal Shared Storage’ and check for com.audiomack>files>audiomack.

4. After step three, you will see files named with 8-digits figures (the files with 8-digit figures are the songs you had already downloaded on your app. Do not delete them).

5. By now you should have sorted the app using Newest so that it is arranged in an order that allows the last downloaded music to top the list as mentioned in step one(1).

6. The next thing is this, rename the numbers with the actual title of the songs, and end each name with .mp3 extension. ( For instance 456891534 to Frank Edward - Oghene Doh.mp3).

7. Immediately you are done renaming the files, move them to the file folder where you stored all your music.

8. You can now open any of you music player application and enjoy playing the song from there. When you visit Xender the songs will be readily available so you can send to your friends.

The method above works perfectly, but in case you stumble upon any obstacle or difficulty, just drop a comment below. We will be hear to assist you overcome it.

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