How to Use Your Smartphone as Wireless Mouse on Your Laptop


You smartphone can be used as wireless mouse and keyboard on your laptop or PC through Bluetooth connection. All you need do is leverage on the Bluetooth connectivity of your smartphone, download an app we will recommend to you and then follow the right settings and you could use your device in place of a computer mouse.

There are many benefits of using a Bluetooth controlled wireless mouse on your computer. First, it affords you relaxation and secondly it makes work easy for you as you can drag your cursor to any position of your choice on your computer screen. Perhaps, you have gotten your mouse damaged, in this article, we will show you how to improvise your smartphone as mouse.

It is essential to note that we have tested and confirmed this on Macs, Windows, and Chromebooks and it worked perfectly without any issue. It doesn't require any software or extremely technically settings. All you need to do is download and install an app on your smartphone and then connect your phone to your laptop through Bluetooth connection and you could make use of it immediately.

Before we proceed, here is a list of the things you need.

a. Windows 8 – Windows 10 and above

b. Android smartphone of version 4.4 and above

c. Apple IOS, iPadOS and above (only keypad supported)

d. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse for PC – Click here to Download

I hope your gadgets aligns with the requirements enumerated above, because those are the only things you need to connect and enjoy this amazing feature built into your device already. So, after downloading the app with the link provided above, follow the steps listed below to use your smartphone as wireless mouse.

1. Install the app and select ALLOW when a message displays instructing you to enable your Bluetooth visibility.

2. Click on the 3-dot-menu line located at the top-left side of the app.

3. After step two, click on Bluetooth Devices under the setting Connection Management.

4. Select Configure New Device’ at the lower part of you you app.

5. Before now, your laptop or PC should have been on and all you need to do is to pair it with your smartphone.

You can locate your Laptop Bluetooth by using the search button on your laptop to search Bluetooth and then check for available Bluetooth connection, search for your samrtphone and connect.

After successfully pairing your smartphone with your laptop, click Use This Device. Once your connection is established you can now drag your samrtphone around using it as Bluetooth. You can equally type with the keyboard on your smartphone and watch it reflect on the receiving device. This will be great for people like use who prefer typing with their smartphones.

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