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Lionel Messi Wins Copa America After a Long Wait: Lionel Messi Silences Haters After Copa America Win


Messi silences haters

I cannot allow today to end without writing about Lionel Messi's victory in the just concluded Copa America tournament. Well, you may not understand why this has to be. Without mincing words, I have so much admiration for Messi, his genius, his personality, and the way he manages his success without boastful comments and unnecessary media battle with his critics and naysayers. This noble character is one I have chosen to adopt because of Lionel Messi.

You can hate him all you like, hate him with passion, destructively criticize him, and say dirty and disgusting and silly and useless things about him, yet his greatness, unique, and exceptional quality as a professional football player has never been on doubt or debate on the table of those who understand football, what it represents, its dynamics, its yardsticks and the requirements one must certify to be considered a great player. I must mention that football yardsticks have never at anytime included playing in different leagues and winning those league titles as a standard for measuring great players. This baseless standard was invented by naysayers to ridicule no other player than Lionel Messi.

Brazil Fan Celebrating Messi In the Photo

Messi silences haters

Awful logic, awful logic I say. So, a man must marry four women, one from Germany, another from Paris, the other from Burkina Faso, and yet again from Nigeria, get the four of them pregnant to prove to you that he is a strong man indeed. Well, my dear, there is something called loyalty, some persons are born with a ‘follow come’ version of it and one of these persons include Messi. You should admire that. Infact, you should emulate this character from Messi. Everything is not about money and more money. After all, Messi was once offered double of what he earns in Barcelona from a certain club in China, but he rejected it.

Celebrate greatness man and stop creating unreasonable standards to undermine the greatness of Lionel Messi. If you don't want to celebrate greatness, keep mute and stay aloof. Messi won't leave Barcelona to proof any ‘yeye’ point to you and even if he has to, it must be by mutual agreement and not through ‘court battles’.

It is not a coincidence or accident that Lionel Messi has won four Copa America player of the tournament, a World Cup Golden Ball, and player of the same world cup tournament in which he won a Golden Ball. In the last concluded Copa America tournament he has the heighest assists and goals. What else do you want?

Messi silences haters

Before the arrival of Messi to the Hall of Fame, the Ballon D'or had standards with which the award is given to any deserving individual. However, the yardsticks have changed because of Messi. He is now the standard for Ballon D'or awards. So, to win one must have to battle with his previous individual statistics and equal at least an average of it to be considered a winner.

By now it should be known to you that on the 24th of June, 1987 (34 years ago precisely) the gods wanted to play football, instead of coming to mingle with humans they sent someone to represent them, that person is Lionel Messi.

Congratulations to Lionel Messi on his Copa America triumph.

Written by Oti Chukwuebuka Nnaemeka to celebrate his football idol.

Don't forget to keep Adapting like Leo, and don't give ears to naysayers. I'm certain you will be triumphant one day. ADAPT


Messi silences haters

Messi silences haters

Messi silences haters

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