WhatsApp status: Boost your WhatsApp status views


WhatsApp status: Boost your WhatsApp status views

Very poor WhatsApp status views can be discouraging especially when one is running an online business that depends on WhatsApp for survival and patronage. You may have been going through the internet looking for a way to increase your WhatsApp status views, enlarge your visibility on the app and as well make more sales and profits from customers. Look no further because I will provide you with a working method that would aid you increase you WhatsApp status views in less than one month in this article. 

With this working method, you can acquire as much as 3000 to 5000 thousand WhatsApp status views. So, seat tight and get ready to learn how to achieve your WhatsApp visibility goals without stressing yourself.

What's WhatsApp status? WhatsApp status is an inbuilt feature in WhatsApp application which allows you to share pictures, short videos, opinions, screenshots and even short write-ups on WhatsApp with your contacts available on WhatsApp. Anything you share on WhatsApp status has about 24hours to stay on WhatsApp, after 24hours, it disappears and you can decide to share something different.

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Your consistency in sharing interesting things can increase your WhatsApp status views. There is no limit to the number of items, pictures, short videos or screenshots you can share on WhatsApp status. Although, it is often advisable to limit your WhatsApp status to about 6-12 items per day so your viewers don't get tired or bored while going through your WhatsApp statuses. If your WhatsApp status is too long, it makes it burdensome to view. So, keep it short, interesting and simple.

WhatsApp status views – How to Increase your WhatsApp Status views

There are many ways/methods you can use to increase your WhatsApp status views, all of these methods are talk about on the internet. But, I have three tasted and trusted ways with which you can increase your WhatsApp status views. I will share these tasted and trusted methods with you below. The first method is usually time consuming, manual and involves politely sending messages to Whatsapp users telling them to save your contact and also view your status at will. While the last two methods are automatical and less demanding.

However, whichever method you choose to work with is just a means to your end and reaching your goal of high visibility on WhatsApp.

First Method To Increase Your WhatsApp Status views 

As I have already mentioned, you have to do a lot of work if you intend to use this method to increase your WhatsApp status views. This method is manual so it demands that you get as many WhatsApp enabled phone numbers as possible from WhatsApp groups, save them on your phone, then  send messages to these contacts telling them to save your number to view your status, you can subsequently inform them about the kind of services you render. They will view your WhatsApp status at will and gradually your views will increase.

The problem with this manual method is that it looks like kind of spamming people, collecting phone numbers from random WhatsApp groups and messaging strangers who are technically not interested in what you are saying or your Whatsapp status. So, to help make things easy for you, we have created WhatsApp groups where you can meet people who want to increase their WhatsApp status views and exchange contacts with them. This way the conversation is mutual because you have the same goal and it will help you get as many WhatsApp contacts as possible without stressing yourself much.

I have created 7 groups on WhatsApp already. All you should do is join the group by sending a WhatsApp message to this number; +2347088483483 indicating your interest to join “WhatsApp status contact exchange group”. When you join the group, send messages to other participants in this format; “Good day sir/ma My name is ––––– I run a virtual television on WhatsApp and also render services to people. Save my WhatsApp number so we can keep in touch and view our whatsApp statuses”. That's all you need to done to use this method.

Second Method To Increase Your WhatsApp Status Views: Whatsappstatusviews.com.ng

You can use the website above to increase your WhatsApp status views. According to persons who have used it, the increase is massive and feels like magic. It's very easy to use, just visit the website which is Whatsappstatusviews.com.ng, and submit your phone line. After submitting your phone line, come back around 9:30pm the same day to download what is called VCF file.

After downloading the file, you install it and the contacts assigned to the file will automatically be saved in your phone. Actually, you don't have to pay a dime to benefit from this service. whatsappstatusviews.com.ng is very generous and as a result made their services free of charge (FOC). So, what are you waiting for, visit the website and start making use of it to increase your WhatsApp status views.

Third Method To Increase Your WhatsApp Status views – visit wassapviews.com: the

This is basically similar to method two. When you visit the website above, your drop phone number and return by 9pm the same to download your VCF file.

Once you are done downloading your VCF file, you install the file and get the contacts saved on your phone. Congratulations you have successfully increased you WhatsApp status views.

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