Glo Night Plan – How to Subscribe for Glo Night Plan

Glo night plan is very helpful night plan subscription especially for students, but have you ever had your brain filled with so many things that you forgot very little, and essential things like, your Glo night plan subscription code. Lol. Well, it happens and in moments like that all you need is a friendly reminder which is obtainable in this article.

You quickly rush to Google and type in the search query; how to subscribe for Glo night data plan. Although, this night plan is provided by almost all major Network Providers in Nigeria like; MTN, Glo, Airtel e.t.c And you are only allowed to start browsing the internet with Glo night plan from 12am-5am (early hours of the morning). And just in case you don't know how to subscribe for your Glo night plan, then follow the steps below;

How to Subscribe For Glo Night Plan

On the Grand Masters of Data (Glo) every data service you need is accessible through *777#. All you need do is follow the steps and read the options tagged to the numbers before you select any number as you proceed.

1. Dial *777#

2. Select one(1) for data

3. Choose one(1) again for Buy data Plan.

4. After step three(3) select either one(1) for auto renewal or two(2) for a one-time purchase.

5. Choose seven(7) from the list of the presented options and subscribe according to how much airtime you have on your Glo Sim.

Enjoy your Glo night plan subscription. You can as well accumulate you Glo night plan to 1GB plus by resubscribing until you get enough data needed for what you want to do.

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