Samsung Gallery Vs Google Photos: Which is Better Amongst the Two Apps?


Samsung Gallery Vs Google photos

Samsung Gallery Vs Google Photos is an interesting review to check out on a happy day. Although, both applications are great and basically play very similar roles on an android device or smartphone. However, in this article we would give you differences and unique capabilities of the individual applications, while allowing you to decide which is better than the other. Now, here is a breakdown of how Samsung gallery fair against google photos.

If you have a phone with google photos and you are looking to know how your application weighs compared to Samsung Gallery. You definitely are in the right place.

The downside of the Samsung Gallery vs Google photos debate is that after enumerating all the unique qualities of these two applications, one cannot try out that of Samsung Gallery, because it is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices, while Google photos is available for all smart phones, on IOS, Android and Web Version. Maybe, you've got to buy a Samsung Gallery device to try out the unique qualities of Samsung Gallery (chuckles).

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Samsung Galaxy Vs Google photos

Samsung Gallery Vs Google Photos: The Clear Differences of the Two Apps

Samsung Gallery and Google Photos has a lot of differences which we would address on the Samsung Gallery Vs Google photos review to do justice to the debate between the two applications. These differences includes the following;

1. User interface

2. Search Bar

3. Editing options

4. Saturation

5. Collage Photo

6. Video Creation

7. Backup and sharing

8. General Experience

9. Organization of Photos

10. Platform Availability

1. User Interface: Google Photos makes use of the combination of material design 1.0 and 2.0 guidelines, meaning that it houses the hamburger menu and bottom bar tabs.

2. Search Bar: The Search bar is positioned above and the three dots menu let's you create a different style using the images you have.

Samsung has nailed the fundamentals of UX across all apps with one UI, and the gallery app is definitely no exception here. 

3. Editing Options: Both Google Photos and Samsung Gallery support and have got rich editing options by default.

Google Photos has a wide range of editing features like filters, changing the intensity of light & colour, it also has the crop and rotating function.

4. Saturation: Google Photos help in boosting saturation in photos e.g food photos and it levels up the contrast in Sky photos.

5. Collage Photo: You can make animations using a bunch of images.

6. Video Creation: You can create several videos from scratch using default music and floating animations.

Samsung is a step ahead in this part of the game, the editing feature has the ability to apply filters and the list seems almost unending but I would sure make it concise for you, with Samsung gallery you can add stickers and even topography. One can also play with advanced options such as exposure, contrast, saturation and highlights. The doodling is also there which is quite useful on another device.

Similar to Google Photos, one can also create videos using pictures, background and animations. You can add text on the videos too.

Samsung's Artificial functionality is limited though and its not as aggressive and useful compared to google photos.

7. Backup and Sharing: Google, by default saves all the images on google servers and you also have a leeway where you can load unlimited photos or get 15GB massive storage space with original quality but you would have to enable the back up option.

Sharing is where Google Photos reigns supreme. You can select a bunch of photos and create a link, make album that can be shared, or add their Gmail ID to send an Invite link.

For Samsung Gallery the sharing is limited here, it can use the default android share menu to send images.

8. General Experience: Google's photos is restrained a bit in terms of viewing and accessing the images on the device, and here is the reason, Unless you decide to upload all the devices folders to Google Cloud, there is no quick way to access it from the home page as the default screen shows the uploaded images in the vertical menu. 

You will need to tap on folders > search through a relevant folder and then access the pictures. Although when you have uploaded all the pictures to google photos you would certainly be left with unbridled joy.

You can tag people with names and search them using the default search bar. One can also perform a search using terms such as Sky, beaches e.t.c

The company has also included the Google lens integration, which scans through the photo and displays the information needed but unfortunately one thing it lacks is the Android widget Support.

Samsung has done the needful on this basis. The app is fast, there is no forceful backup function and you can view through the day, month and yearly images, there are certainly more and more features on this Samsung Gallery.

9. Organization of Photos: When it comes to organization of photos in the Samsung Gallery Vs Google photos debate, it is more of a leveled battle with clearly no winner. This is because Google Photos as we all know has a good backup service, and as regards the AI functionality coupled with seamless sharing no one comes close, Samsung Gallery comes back more stronger with better offline access to images, practical UI and superior editing options making it difficult to choose a winner on this ground. Well, you can give it any of the two apps depending on your choice, but am pretty sure that they are both good applications and will be of good use you.

10. Platform Availability: We can argue all we want about how good Samsung gallery can be, yet it is not our that it is only available for Samsung users we have over the years remained loyal to Samsung smartphones. Google photos, sadly, is a more general application simply anybody using a sound Android phone can have access to it just by visiting playstore.

Google photos general availability gives it an unfair advantage over Samsung gallery and make it a more popular application. Hence, there is a higher number of people using Google photos.


This simple review is to targeted towards helping you choose between samsung gallery and google photos which is most preferably and suitable for Android users. However, while Google photos is available to all android users, Samsung gallery is only limited to loyal users of Samsung smartphones.

The both applications are good for use and have their unique capabilities as discussed in the article above. Now, the ball in in your court and you should choose what suits you. If you encounter any difficulties, you can always drop you problems on the comment box we will proffer solutions to them in less than a twenty four hours.

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