How to Find Someone's Actual Name on Snapchat


Variety has always been the spice of life and so I don't blame those who find various social media platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, etc interesting. For me, it has always been either Facebook or Whatsapp. I only created a Twitter account for business purposes. I mean if I can chat and share pictures and contribute to burning issues of the moment on both Facebook and WhatsApp, then I am fine and okay.

Snapchat hasn't done anything bad and I am not in any way quarreling with Snapchat. Snapchat has made it easy to connect and share good moments with strangers, just like Facebook and possibly other social media platforms. The structure on Snapchat isn't very different from what we know about modern social media platforms. You send and accept friend requests, then chat and exchange ideas with your social media friends.

One of the weird things about Snapchat's level of privacy is that you can hide your actual or real name on Snapchat and continue to use the application. In this article, I will show you how you can uncover a person's real name on Snapchat. As users on social media, we may want to know the actual names of our online friends. Certain persons may insist that their real names shouldn't be important to you on grounds that social media requires privacy. Some Snapchat users may also lie to you about their real names, but because these names don't sound or look generic to you, you may not believe or agree with some of your Snapchat friends about the authenticity of their names.

No matter how old or new a Snapchat account is, this guide can assist you to find the real name used in registering that Snapchat account. And when you succeed, remember to share this article with a friend so they can make use of the guide contained in this website as well.

What is a Snapchat Username?

From what we already know about social media applications like Twitter, Instagram e.t.c Snapchat is no different. You are allowed to choose a unique username. Your username on Snapchat can be alpha-numeric and special characters like; &# are allowed on Snapchat Usernames.

Snapchat doesn't allow the use of the same username on two different accounts on their platform. All usernames on Snapchat must be unique. If anyone has already used the username you intend to use on Snapchat, you will be told to select another username.

And yes, your Snapchat Username mustn't be your actual name. You are allowed to make unique combinations of names when choosing a Snapchat Username.

Steps To Find Someone's Real Name on Snapchat

For easy access to a Snapchat user's real or actual names, all you have to do is to visit the user's profile. When you open the profile, you will find the user's real name below the profile picture, and this is only possible if they have made their real name public. If a Snapchat user fails to make his/he real name public on their Snapchat profile, no one will be able to find the actual name of that Snapchat user.

1. Open your Snapchat application and log into your account.

2. Quickly locate your profile and tap on my friend's button.

3. Locate the user you want to figure out the real name.

4. Once you locate the profile of the user, you will find the user's name below his/her profile picture.


Whether a Snapchat user's real name is accessible depends on the privacy settings of the supposed Snapchat user. If you have an overly conservative friend as a friend on Snapchat, I believe the easiest way to know the person's actual name is to politely ask them.

As public as a social media platform can be, most persons prefer to keep their identities private for reasons best known to them. We may sometimes find it strange, but this behavior depends on the user and his/her personality.

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