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18 Northern Wanderers Arrested By Amoteku In Ondo State


A trailer filled with 18 Northern wanderers was intercepted by Amotekun  while it was heading into Ondo State yesterday. These Northerners were arrested in the capital city of Ondo State, Akure.

According to Amotekun, these Northern wanderers looked very suspicious with the kind of movements they were making. They were all inside the trailer while hiding behind bags of beans.

Here is what the commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, has to say;

“Our men while on duty saw a suspected vehicle with a load of beans and then trailed the vehicle to Akure. They stopped along Arakale road. While searching the vehicle, we realized they were not carrying only beans but 18 young men,”

The commander mentioned that upon questioning, these 18-young men failed to give clear answers about their mission and destination in Ondo State.

Amotekun intends to hand over these suspects to the Head of Hausa community in Ondo State so that they would be taken back to their respective destinations.

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