Electroneum Price Forecast: Will ETN Price Reach $2 in 2022, 2023?


This post on Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction 2021 is solely based on technical analysis. The important measures that we took into account when developing our ETN price analysis and prediction are listed below.

The crypto industry is surrounded by an ever-increasing amount of excitement. During the 2021 bull run, however, numerous cryptos soared to new all-time highs. Some crypto, on the other hand, was in a downturn. As a result, many cryptocurrency traders and investors are unsure whether they should hold or sell their crypto at a profit. This could be the case for ETN traders and investors as well.

Nonetheless, the crypto market has recently been stabilizing, with most cryptos shedding their previous gains. Is the situation the same with the pricing of ETN? In this ETN price analysis 2021 post, we'll find out soon enough. But first, let's review what ETN is all about.

What Is Electroneum (ETN)?

Electroneum is a crypto platform for mobile phones that allows for fast payments. Furthermore, the project was founded in July 2017 and launched in September 2017 as the first cryptocurrency headquartered in the United Kingdom, following a $40 million initial coin offering (ICO).

The Electroneum project aims to provide the world's unbanked population with the fastest and safest crypto transactions with the lowest costs possible. For the billions of unbanked individuals around the world, this is truly fantastic news.

Do you think ETN will be a profitable crypto in 2021 now that we have a better understanding of it? Join me in this ETN price analysis and ETN price prediction as we look at the charts.

Current Market Situation for Electroneum (ETN)

ETN is trading at $0.0134 at the time of writing this Electroneum price report, with a 24-hour trading volume of $666,808. In the previous 24 hours, the price of ETN has dropped 3.57 percent.

In addition, ETN currently has a circulating supply of $17,850,046,717. Huobi Global, BiONE, HitBTC, KuCoin, and BiKi are the main cryptocurrency exchanges for ETN right now.

Let's move on to the next section of this ETN technical forecast for 2021.

Price Forecast for Electroneum (ETN) in 2021

Electroneum is currently ranked 303rd on CoinMarketCap. Will the ETN blockchain's recent upgrades, development, and modifications, however, help the cryptocurrency's price rise? In this ETN price forecast article, we'll look at the charts.

Symmetrical Triangle pattern on the ETN USDT chart.

Symmetrical Triangle pattern on the ETN/USDT chart (Source: TradingView)

The chart shows a symmetrical triangular pattern based on the graph above. This pattern depicts a period of consolidation before a price breakdown or breakout. We may say that HNT has a better likelihood of going bullish than bearish in the near future.

HNT's Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 35.87, indicating that it is neither overbought nor oversold. Furthermore, this implies that cryptocurrency dealers and investors can trade without concern.

Furthermore, bitcoin traders must trade with caution and avoid being swayed by market excitement. With this in mind, cryptocurrency traders must exercise caution in order to avoid incurring unanticipated losses as a result of the crypto market's rapid fluctuations.

Examine ETN's Simple Moving Average (SMA) and Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as well.

ETN's price has undergone several bullish swings that are greater than the previous one since the beginning of 2021. Moreover, these are immediately followed by fluctuations, consolidation, and corrections. Taking this into account, ETN will be in a competitive market in 2021.

Price Prediction for Electroneum (ETN) in 2021

Electroneum has done admirably during the last few days, as shown in the graph below. Furthermore, the ETN price has increased by nearly 68 percent in the last seven days. If the current trend continues, ETN may follow the bulls, breaking through the $0.04 resistance mark and climbing higher.

If investors turn against cryptocurrency, the bears may seize control and dethrone ETN from its upward position. In layman's terms, the price of ETN might drop to about $0.005, indicating a bearish indication.

Meanwhile, we have a bullish long-term ETN price projection for 2021. It has a good chance of breaking through its current all-time high (ATH) of $0.236 this year. However, this will only happen if it overcomes a number of earlier psychological barriers.

Price Prediction for Electroneum (ETN) in 2022

ETN will hit $3 by the end of 2022 if the current positive trend continues. Furthermore, the first half of 2022 will see rapid growth, reaching $3.5 billion. After that, the rise will slow down, but no significant drops are forecast. With impending partnerships and developments, hitting $3 is a bit of a stretch in terms of price, but it's certainly doable in the near future.

Price Prediction for Electroneum (ETN) in 2023

The price of ETN can rise to high heights, but it is unlikely to hit $7. Furthermore, this is only conceivable if the market's upward trend continues. Furthermore, only if the cryptocurrency ETN is able to break through psychological obstacles.

Price Prediction for Electroneum (ETN) in 2024

According to the platform's most recent improvements, innovations, ETN price predictions, and new project forecasts. Furthermore, this might increase the price of ETN in the crypto market, making it the ideal investment because the price could rise to about $10.

Price Prediction for Electroneum (ETN) in 2025

ETN pricing might soar to $15 in the next four years. However, ETN may not have a tough time hitting this level if additional medium, short-term, and long-term price targets for purchase or sell orders can be established. According to the forecast, ETN has a good chance of achieving a new all-time high in the next five years.


In 2021, Electroneum has a bright future ahead of it. We may see ETN reach new heights as a result of the continuous advancements inside the ETN ecosystem, as well as in the larger crypto market.

$0.04 is the bullish ETN price estimate for 2021. As previously said, if investors conclude that ETN, along with major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a suitable investment in 2021, it could even reach $2.

Frequently Asked Questions

ETN is an acronym for Electronic Transaction Network.

Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency to offer a real-time payment system, extending the digital payments ecosystem.

How Do I Purchase ETN Tokens?

ETN tokens can be obtained by acquiring them on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi Global or BiONE.

Will ETN be able to break through its current ATH?

In 2021, ETN is a solid investment. However, ETN has a good chance of breaking over its current ATH of $0.23 this year.

Is it possible for ETN to reach $2 in the near future?

Yes, given the present positive trend, it's extremely likely that ETN will hit $2 in the near future.

What will the price of Electroneum be in 2022?

By 2022, the price of Electroneum (ETN) is predicted to reach $3.5.

What will the price of Electroneum be in 2023?

By 2023, the price of Electroneum (ETN) is predicted to reach $7.

What will the price of Electroneum be in 2024?

By 2024, the price of Electroneum (ETN) is predicted to reach $10.

What will the price of Electroneum be in 2025?

By 2025, the price of Electroneum (ETN) is predicted to reach $15.

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