10 Best Paying Jobs in Energy | Renewable Energy | Career

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Best Paying Jobs in Energy | Renewable Energy | Career

If we are keen on being honest to ourselves, nobody would like to work in places where they received peanuts at the end of the day. Hence, in whatever industry we want to work in, we seat back and analyze the best paying jobs/roles in that industry. This is to help us generate enough resources to take care of ourselves and our family. In this article, we've provided a comprehensive list of the best paying jobs in energy and this is to help make your career decision easy.

Although jobs in the energy sector are lucrative, they can be quite stressful and some of the time, these jobs are for physically fit people. Below is a list of the best jobs in the energy sector. We took job security and salary into consideration before making this list.

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Do renewable energy jobs pay well?

In recent times, many experts and researchers have raised concerns about the job security of people working in non-renewable energy sources like oil and gas. Looking at the resources that have been invested in other renewable and conservable energy sources like solar energy, hydroelectric energy justifies the claims of these experts. Renewable energy is gradually taking over the stage and everyone is happy and accepting of it giving the numerous environmental advantages it has.

From statistics and data available, the renewable energy industry is growing tremendously. With many visionary individuals like Elon Musk who is investing heavily in producing electric cars, agencies promoting activities that would decrease the depletion of the ozone layer, and government sponsoring projects to support these agencies and individuals. We should expect the gradual take over of renewable energy sources.

Apparently, with renewable sources of energy, a level of job security is assured. The industry will only get bigger, better, and expand in the near future. Employees who take up jobs/roles in renewable energy industries are paid well. Competent Wind Turbine Installers earn between $43,300 – $64,000 yearly depending on the jobs or projects available to them on a yearly basis.

How Much Can One Earn With a Career In the Energy Field?

Well, how much you can earn in the energy field or sector depends on some variables, and these variables are as follows:

  • Your chosen career.
  • The company you work with.
  • Your competence/experience.

How much you earn working in an energy field differs from career to career, but honestly, people working in the energy industry go home with good paychecks. Engineers can earn over $65,000 yearly, and according to records on Payscale, electrical engineers can earn $75,000 plus yearly. While environmental officers working in the energy field can make between $47,000 – $90, 800 on yearly basis.

However, one should expect an increase in salaries as the renewable energy industry enlarges and gains dominance in the nearest future.

What are the Best Jobs in Renewable Energy?

Below is a list of the best jobs in the energy sector. We took job security and salaries into consideration before compiling this list.

1. Solar System installers

According to experts, the job of solar system installers is projected to see an estimated 50.8% increase/growth on or before 2029. The demand for solar systems is high on every side, especially in third-world countries with poor electricity. A switch to solar electricity with little or no environmental hazards is a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Software Developers

The demand for software developers worldwide is on the rise, and yes, they have a very crucial role to play in the energy industry. Hence, software development is one of the best jobs in high demand in the renewable energy sector.

3. Wind-Turbine Installers

If your interest is job security, I think you should give Wind-Turbine-Installation attention and make efforts to learn it. With projected job growth of 60.9%, Wind-Turbine-Installation is amongst the best jobs in the renewable energy sector.

4. Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Although this job has the lowest job growth projections, it is profitable and one of the best jobs in the energy industry.

Now, let's look at the 10 highest paying jobs in energy considering how much potential employees can earn and the job security they offer.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Renewable and Non-renewable Energy

Now, let's look at the ten highest paying jobs in energy considering how much potential employees can earn.

1. Solar Engineers

Frankly speaking, there is an increase in demand for solar electricity across the globe. The reason is simple: solar electricity poses no threat to the environment, has more economic advantages, and would be beneficial to less privileged people living in third-world countries. Those residing in first-world countries can as well take advantage of solar electricity because it is less expensive and economical.

Solar engineers make around $35,000 – $44,800 yearly. Their jobs include building and designing solar panels, installing and maintaining solar panels and other solar electricity devices that help convert sunlight to electricity for domestic uses in homes.

As a solar engineer, you don't need to persuade people to purchase or leverage on solar electricity. They simply see the need to install solar electricity and go for it themselves.

2.. Electrical Engineers

The salary of an electrical engineer is usually between $54,000 – $140,000. They are an indispensable part of the energy industry. We cannot overemphasize the essential uses of electricity in our daily activities. Even in industries, electricity is needed to power heavy machines used for production processes. In fact, without electricity, life will be unbearable for humans in the 21st century.

So, electrical engineers are still very much needed in the energy sector.

3. Civil Engineers

The work civil engineers can do is not limited to building and constructing roads, or gigantic ultra-modern buildings. Civil engineers are also an essential part of the energy industry. They make good contributions in building and supervising the construction of huge renewable energy projects like dams. They also build and maintain turbines and big power plants.

The average salary of civil engineers working in the energy industry is usually between $60,000 – $106,000 every year.

4. Environmental Technician

Employees working as environmental Technicians as well paid in the renewable energy industry. They play the role of coming up with modern methods that help control and decrease pollution in our environment. After all, some of these sewages and biodegradable substances can be recycled, made less harmful, and used for other things. Thanks to the competent environmental technicians amongst us.

To become an environmental scientist, you need to attend higher institutions of learning to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in that career. The average salary for an environmental scientist is $50,600 yearly.

5. Chemist

In the oil and gas industry, the services of a chemist are always needed. Even though the oil and gas sector is a renewable energy source, we still need their products to power out automobiles that use fuel oil and lubricants. Even in the Renewable Energy Sectors where extensive research has been going on to develop alternative biofuels, we still need the services of competent chemists to help facilitate the progress of these researches.

The qualifications required for a chemist to work in the oil and gas industry include a Master's Degree in chemistry. They can earn an average salary of $70,195 yearly.

6. Geoscientist

Geoscientists go beyond studying the physical parts of the Earth, which includes its texture and colour. Geoscientists also play the role of collecting the geochemical and geological information of the soil. With this geological information, the past, present, and future of the soil in a particular area can be studied. These studies would aid the discoveries of resources inherent in a geographical area, and help develop other sources of renewable and nonrenewable energy to serve the public. The yearly average salary of a geoscientist ranges from $85,000 – $95,000.

7. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs available in the energy sector. They solve a lot of problems regarding petroleum products, and problem solves go home with the ‘big bucks’. They are responsible for the extraction and refining of fuel oil for public consumption.

If fuel oil is not well refined, it can lead to the damage and possibly destruction of motor engines. Hence, the importance of petroleum engineers in the energy sector. They can earn as much as $137, 700 as an average yearly salary.

8. Power Plant Operators

This group is assigned the crucial duty of operating huge power plants. They may not be the most important part of their respective Industries, yet they contribute their quota to the success of these industries. It doesn't require a bachelor's degree because with little or no training one can learn how to run power plant operations. Workers in this unit earn between $60,000 – $85,000 on average salary on yearly basis.

9. Renewable Energy Analyst

In the energy industries, before the development of an energy source, a Renewable Energy Analyst is needed to identify the viability of an energy source before time and resources are invested in developing it. Otherwise, mistakes can be made and so much time, money, manpower, and human resources will be wasted needlessly.

The average salary of a Renewable Energy Analyst ranges from $70,000 – $140,000 and could increase depending on the job and project at hand.

10. Wind–Turbine Installers

A whopping 100% increase is the expected job growth for wind-turbine installers. This particular job may not necessarily require a degree. However, every skilled person with a level of technical know-how and experience can learn how to install and maintain these wind turbines. They earn an average yearly salary of $54,370.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a renewable energy job?

Renewable energy is the opposite of non-renewable sources of energy like coal, natural gas, crude oil e.t.c. While renewable energy is a kind of energy that comes from naturally replenishing sources like solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy e.t.c.

The transition from non-renewable energy to renewable energy is a good one. Renewable sources of energy are safer for everyone and our environment. This will gradually reduce the depletion of the ozone layer.

Will renewable energy jobs increase energy costs?

As long as there is an increase in the renewable energy sector, the cost of energy will become affordable. Hence, an increase in renewable energy jobs will not increase energy costs.

How important are energy jobs?

Energy is essential to any part of the world and in the same way energy jobs are important. Statistically, over two million Americans are workers in the energy sector. The energy sector is taking a lot of qualified manpower out of the Labour Market, ensuring that they are gainfully employed and well paid.

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