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Mexico Festival: Giant skeletons show up on Mexican streets.

From a street in the Tlahuac neighbourhood of Mexico city, a gigantic skeleton showed up on the road.

The Mexicans have a culture that allows them to celebrate the “the day of the dead” on annual basis, and this year's festival will be on the 1st and 2nd of November 2019. The little children in the homely streets of Tlahua seem not to be scared by the presence of these cardboard made artificial skeletons, instead they are excited and happy on seeing the skeletons.

The giant skeletons are completely made of cardboard, a construction rubble was placed next to it by local artist, to make it look like the skeletons are breaking out from the surface of the road. The citizens of Mexico have been preparing for the festival with which they would celebrate the departed.

Few days ago, a good number of Mexicans dressed up in cultural costumes to take part in the parade named after Catrina. Catrina is the name of an elegant skeleton drew by Mexican cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada over one hundred years ago.

In the just concluded parade, not every participant was dressed like a skeleton, some used butterfly costumes. The use of skeleton costumes whether traditional or modern still remains generally accepted during the festival.

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