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Reasons why Barcelona cannot sign Erling Haaland

Haaland’s goals are drawing the attention of every team. At one point, Barcelona was chasing Haaland too but in 2019, Barcelona rejected signing him for a preposterous reason.

They felt Haaland was not technical enough. Back in 2018, Haaland was still playing in Norway for Molde and his playing style was compared to Romelu Lukaku.

Barcelona looked at Haaland, but felt he was too unpolished and they decided instead to sign Kevin Prince Boateng.

In the end, Haaland went to Salzburg and in Austria, he was incredible. That’s where he made a name for himself in Europe and in 2020, Barcelona had another chance to sign Haaland and they passed again.

This time it was down to two major factors and the first factor was that Haaland still isn’t Barca’s first target. Instead, they were waiting for the summer to sign Lautaro Martinez.

The second factor was the amount of money it would cost. Dortmund got Haaland for a steal of $22 million and Haaland’s agent is the notorious superagent, Mino Raiola.

In addition of being a known nuisance for clubs, Barcelona and Raiola have a particularly strained relationship. Many thought Barcelona would sign De Light from Ajax but he ended up at Juventus.

Many people thought it was due to Raiola’s shady tactics. Barcelona wanted to avoid paying Raiola added fees. Dortmund allegedly had to pay Raiola and Haaland’s father over $25 Million in fees.

Haaland also earns a yearly salary of more than $8 million and in all that’s a lot of cash to splash.
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