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How to Easily Reset your Browsing Location without VPN

The internet is filled with a lot of opportunities, and platforms that can allow you perform little task and in turn aid you earn money for yourself. Unfortunately, some of these websites (platforms) may deny you access due to your country and most importantly, browsing location. So, I would be teaching how to change your browsing location manually without VPN or automated app or software.

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Although, the easiest is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN), but some of us may not have enough money to subscribe or pay for VPN plans.

NB: It is important to note that this method of changing your browsing location may not be as reliable as when you use a VPN to change you browsing location. Although, you can access some basic websites after using this simple manual method of changing your browsing location.


Now, follow these easy to comprehend tricks on how to change your browsing location without the use of a VPN.

 Steps You Can Take To Change Your Browsing Location Without VPN

1. You have to visit or to get a list of IP addresses and ports of different locations and countries.

2. Select the Port and IP address of the country and location of your choice (ensure that you use the Port that matches the IP address you have selected).

3. After selecting your location IP address and Port, go to your Phone Settings<Network Mobile Network<Access Point Names.

4. After step three, click on your current Access Point Settings and check if you can edit the proxy settings. If you cannot, then copy the APN name and quickly create a new access point (The one you created should possess a port and proxy that are editable).

5. Finally, input the port and proxy of the country you initially intended to use and save asap (that country becomes your browsing location). Complete your settings by making that APN your default APN for browsing.

Then, you are done.
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