Sabo Nanono's (Minister of Agriculture) Younger Brother Kidnapped By Gunmen


The younger brother to the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture, Sabo Nanono, was kidnapped by unidentified gun men yesterday being Monday 23rd of November, 2020.

The minister's younger brother whose name is Babawuro Tofai Nanono, was abducted after the unknown gunmen arrived at Sabo Nanono's house in Tofai village which is under Gabasawa Local Government Area (LGA) in Kano State, Nigeria, and fired warning bullets to have their way.

Nigerian Police Spokesperson in Kano State, Abdullahi Haruna, has already assured the members of the public that the police are doing their best to see to the safety and release of abducted Babawuro Tofai Nanono.

Source: AdaptsNews

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