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127 Soldiers Have Willingly Resigned From Nigerian Army

127 Military Officers retire

Over 127 Military personnels have resigned from the Nigerian Military. This is a huge blow to the Nigerian Army because they are currently trying to curb security challenges in some parts of the Federation.

As contained in a memo released by the Nigerian Military, it was gathered that the retiring Soldiers are all Jenior Military personnels. The positions and ranks of these 127 Military Officers are listed below;

• One Master Warrant Officer.

• Three Warrant Officers

• 22 Staff Sergeants 

• 29 Sergeants

• 64 Corporals

• 7 Lance Corporatls

• 1 Private

They will all be disengaged in May, 2021, as signed and approved by the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Burutai.


Up until now, no genuine or solid reason has been given for the willing retirement of these gallant Military Personnels. Whether the soldiers are leaving as result of medical issues has not been made clear to the public. The soldiers have been instructed by Brigadier-General T.A Gagariga to keep back all properties of the Nigerian Military before leaving. 

The Memo;

“In compliance with the provisions of section A, the COAS vide reference B has approved the voluntary discharge of the above named NWO and 126 others listed in annex A. The soldiers are to proceed on terminal leave WEF 26th April, 21 while their disengagement date takes effect from 26th May 21 in accordance with the NA administrative policies and procedures No. 27 paragraphs 3 and 4. 

Military Officers

“Accordingly, I am directed to request you relate to their respective units to release the affected soldiers to report to HQ CAR with their unit service documents for documentation NLT 5th January 21 and ensure that:

“a. All forms of military controlled items, arms, ammunition and items of combat kits are recovered from the soldiers prior to their disengagement date and certified that they are properly de-kitted.

“b. They complete all necessary documentation for withdrawal from: 1. NAWIS contributions 2. DENFUND contribution 3. National Mortgage Contributions."

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