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Checking the age or creation date of any Instagram account has been made easy and stress free. Unlike Facebook accounts, Instagram age and creation date isn't easily verifiable and so for people who want to know the actual creation date of their Instagram accounts, an online tool is needed.

This online Instagram age checker is effective and efficient in checking Instagram account age and the good news is that this amazing tool is completely free and you don't need to pay a dime.

Below, we would be providing you with the steps you need to take to successfully check and verify your Instagram accounts using our free Instagram age checker tool.

Do get yourself enough bean cake or chocolate, as you will be needing it while grinding through the steps below.

How to check your Instagram account age using an online free tool

1. Using your laptop or smartphone, visit – Instagram Age Checker

2. On the online tool, select – Click Here To Access The Tool

3. You will be redirected to a page that's technically unsecured. Click or select CONTINUE ANYWAY. For Chrome users, just click on Advantage Button and select Proceed to Site link.

4. On the home page of the online tool, type in the username of the IG account and select the best. Check Age button.

5. Wait for awhile and your Instagram account age will appear in front of your screen.

NB: The above tool is the first online tool to estimate the age of an Instagram account; it estimates age with a +/- 1-2 month error. If the tool does not load, please check for availability at various times of the day. The tool is still under construction.

Alternatively, there is an inbuilt method with which you can use to check an Instagram Account Age. This method is not know to everyone and at the moment, we are sure if it's going to work for all Instagram accounts.

We will show you how to go about it. So in case you've tried the first method without getting good results, you can try this one out and maybe it will work for you.

Second Method to Know an Instagram account age

1. Log into Instagram and go to the exact Instagram account you want to check the age (like in the screenshot below).

2. Click on the three dots on the right side of the account as shown by the arrow above.

3. After clicking the three dots, selabout this account (also shown by the arrow).

4. Boom! You will see the day, month and year that account was created.

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