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Crying Up and Down will not stop President Buhari from going on medical trips - Onochie says.


The aide to President Buhari said on media that the wailing of Nigerians on social media will not stop the President from going on medical trips abroad.

Laurette Onochie said this responding to the reactions and disappointments Nigerians have shown over the decision of President Buhari to always fly overseas for his medical checkup.

Recall that President Buhari recently travelled to United Kingdom for his medical checkup and Nigerians seem to be displeased with the President's routine medical tourism overseas.

In a post Lauretta shared on media, the Presidential aide said the President will continue to embark on medical trips until he completes his tenure come 2023.

Read her post below;


 We have been here since 2016. Its been the same wailing. So the response will also be the same.

 I do not understand why the pandemic has negatively affected certain people more than the rest of us.

 People across the world, have personal physicians. President Buhari is not an exception. People go to wherever their personal doctors are especially one they have seen for decades.

 Pres.Buhari won't dump his doctor of about 40 years so that wailers can be happy. That's blackmail. Thankfully, he doesn't pay blackmailers.

 When he took ill in 2016, everything was explained. I was running from one media house to the other like a headless chicken, educating us on the psychology of the relationship between a patient and his or her long-standing doctor.

Thankfully, he made a full recovery.

 In 2017, 2018 and 2019, he went for #CheckUps. In 2020 he went before the beginning of the pandemic. The same wailing and the same explanations.

 I do not know any man who will have a different barber cut his hair when the one he is used to, is not available.

 I don't know any lady who would have her hair or nails done by a different hair dresser or technician from her usual, let alone, change her doctor.

 But it goes to show that many of us do not go for checkups because we do not understand what it means. We only see doctors when we are unwell. Those who take their health seriously, have annual checkups. That's what President Buhari is attending to.

 The same wailers told their gullible followers that the man in the Villa, is not President Buhari. So, why bother?

 The fact remains that if President Buhari chooses, he will go for checkups in 2022, and 2023. Then from 2024, when he will not need to inform Nigerians, he will continue to go. Its his choice to go or not to go.

 Wailing cannot take away his rights to see his personal doctors. So, wailers must get ready for two more years of wailing.''

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