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MTN Free Browsing Cheat – How to Browse for Free on MTN

You may have been trying to figure out the latest MTN free browsing cheat, probably because you don't have enough airtime to subscribe for your normal monthly or weekly browsing plan like you have been doing in the previous weeks and months. Not to worry this latest mtn free browsing cheat got you covered for the month, and will take care of 40-60 percent of your browsing needs. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to to activate this mtn free browsing plan.

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Before we proceed, I consider it necessary to let you know that this mtn free browsing cheat is capped and not unlimited like some other free browsing cheats on the web or internet. So, after activation you have got to be mindful of how you use it on a daily. From records you can only use 100BM per day and as a result once you exceed 100MB in a day, your internet will stop except you subscribe to your network provider using airtime or recharge card.

Requirements For MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Plan

1. A functional MTN SIM card already registered with you Nation Identity Number (NIN)

2. The SIM card should have 0.0kb and zero airtime on it.

3. Updated Virtual Private Network (VPN)– Click Here to download the app.

4. Activation file needed to configure VPN – Download Here.

5. Activation file instructions – Download Here the instructions needed to use the file.

How to Activate MTN Free browsing plan

Once you have gotten all the requirements listed above, activating the application wouldn't be difficult. Just follow the steps enumerated below and in least than 3minutes, you should be able to activate you mtn free browsing plan. 

a) Open the application after download.

b) Follow the steps listed on the activation file instructions to make the configuration/activation file compatible for importation on the VPN.

C) Now import the configuration/activation file you downloaded above.

d) To import file, open you VPN homepage, locate the plus+ sign, and click on it and select the first option to import configured file.

e) If the VPN request for password while importing the file, then use the password available on the instruction file you downloaded above.

f) After you are done importing the file for mtn free browsing plan, turn on your data.

g) Locate the Play button which is available on the VPN and click on it.

h) Wait for like 6-10seconds so that the VPN will connect to the internet.

I) After step H, go to the statistics section of the app and check if the date is reading. If it's reading then it is working perfectly. Congratulations you can I ow use mtn free browsing plan.

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