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How to Use Italics on Twitter

Good day, You know I have always got you covered in terms of what you need and today is no exception. Many of you would love to use or add text with Italics on Twitter while tweeting or chatting but don't know how to go about it, well it's simple let me dissect it for you!

Some apps or platforms can help you in making your text with italics on Twitter, one of which is YayText and also Twitalics but we would be focusing on the latter today “Twitalics”. 

I would briefly explain how Twitalics works, apart from it helping you with writing and having your text in italics on Twitter it can also help make your tweets bold.

Now let's move;

Go to Twitalics on any of your gadgets either your phone or on your personal computer.

In the text box at the top of the page enter the specific words that you would like to bold or make it have italics on Twitter, you also have an option where you can have it in “black letter” or in “Serif” or even in “script” all you have to do is just to tick the tiny blue box and it would change to your preferred choice.

Below that, there would be a box having a green background with your written text, all you have to do is to long-press and select a copy with your phone, and with your personal computer, you would have to highlight the text and then right-click (Ctrl-click).

You would then go back to Twitter and in the space provided for you to tweet, you would now paste the copied text. 

So now you see it is very easy and not a juggernaut of any sought when it comes to making your tweets have italics on Twitter.

But do take note that by making your tweets have italics on Twitter you would be making it hard and impossible for some people who have enabled some specific accessibility features to read your tweet. I advise you to italicize your tweets only when you want to make some tweets that you consider unimportant.

Have a great day!

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