What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram Direct Message


Sometime ago, Instagram for some reasons removed the star filter within inbox messages and replaced it with a flag. The implication is that Instagram users would no longer be able to mark messages with a star. Instead, they can do it with a flag.

From records, we have discovered that more and more users are beginning to use direct message on Instagram. This could be because Instagram made small changes to its message filtering.

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Flag on Instagram has the same function with ‘stars’. The name was only changed from star to flag. However, it is imperative to note that this feature is only available to business profiles.

If an Instagram users intends to revisit a direct message on Instagram, the user can simply flag the message, and can login to read the flagged message, or messages anytime in the future.

In you own opinion, do you think it makes any difference when a message is stared or flagged on Instagram?

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